Dec 23, 2013

Where can I properly dispose lightbulbs?

Is there anywhere in the local area where one can take a burned out CFL light bulb or other bulbs that contain mercury, to have them properly disposed of? Kathi from Milan

Lisa Beursken, Erie County solid waste district coordinator, said people can take CFL bulbs to Home Depot or Lowe's Home Improvement at the return desks.

There is a recycling container near the return desk. You put the bulb in the bag provided and then into the container.

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Dinghy Gal

Fedex them to Washington DC

2cents's picture

Freight collect : )



danbury dad

We ban incandescent light bulbs because of global warming that has not occurred in the last dozen or so years. ( Look it up if you do not believe the earths temps have been lower) and we start to use these lights that are truly not good for the earth at a cost of double or triple than what the old ones cost. And we sit by and let it happen. We deserve what we get so stop complaining and call a haz mat team to deal with your CFL bulbs and pay even more all the while someone is getting very rich off of this scam. Get used to it America , bend over and continue to fund the progressive movement until we are a truly not a free nation any more.

Pterocarya frax...

Perhaps you should do some research at resources that have real information, so you don't keep getting angry at things that aren't true.

The Bizness

Your post is completely wrong. 2013 is on track to be one of the top 5 warmest years globally.


So true.


Yeah biz, and anyone old enough to remember the seventies will recall the mantra- the earth is entering a new ice-age! What a political football global warming is!


The climate change hoax is a scam to separate hard working Americans from their money. These CFL bulbs are manufactured overseas by big obama loving corps who pay NO taxes.