Dec 17, 2013

Will Venice Road close?

I was under the assumption, that when the overpass opened up in the west end, that Venice Road would close. Is Venice Road going to close or will it remain open? Karen on Windswood Way

How you see, or drive through, the overpass and surrounding area today is what will be there for the foreseeable future.

In short: Venice Road will remain open, even with a new overpass in place, allowing motorists to bypass a train when it rumbles through.

While some minor changes might be made, there are no plans to completely alter the road pattern in and around the west end overpass.

Click here to read more about the overpass.

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Why didn't they leave 101 open across the tracks? And just use the overpass if there is a train? I don't travel this way often and will avoid it because it is so weird the way it is!


To get the state to chip in they had to agree to close 101


The railroad no longer wanted to pay for the upkeep of the road going over the tracks on 101.

T. A. Schwanger


There continues to be a significant amount of traffic (out of towner's), including semi-tractors, missing the left hand jog travelling west on Venice Road meaning George Street residents and businesses' driveways are being used as a turn around.

Better directional signage is needed including a stop sign coming off George Street at the jog intersection.

The Bizness

I do not think more signage is needed, rather updates will need to be done to peoples GPS equipment in the coming year. If you are looking around you should see where you have to go, signs are already pretty clear. Problem is that many people don't look, and they rely on their GPS.

Having said that Google Maps already has the changes, however, I did notice that they missed one thing, and I sent in a edit request to them.

2cents's picture

You need to contact NAVTEQ and make the changes. The GPS manufacturers pull data from them. There are a lot of ways they get their data. I have a 2013 car and the maps are not up to date in it either, even for new highways that have been opened 4 years and Garmin has no update!

The Bizness

OK, I will see what I can do. I don't work for these companies, but I do like geography and cartography so I try to do some open source work when I can.


people hate change even when it eliminates waiting for a train! I like the new overpass myself. think it's great. just get used to it.

The Bizness





I still believe this project went way overboard that being said I use the overpass everyday and love not having to wait for a train. Venice road will be closed soon enough when the railroad starts parking trains for hours on end.

Peninsula Pundit

It's nice not getting stuck by a train, but that has got to be the most convoluted piece of roadway I've ever driven. It doesn't seem very intuitive or well thought out.


I like it, wish I could turn south onto 101 ,instead of going around to get to some of the streets .

God Of Thunder

Man..People whine and moan about the trains, then the same ones whine and moan about the overpass and signage. Make up your minds for crying out loud. It's an extra minute around as opposed to waiting 30 minutes for a train to stop and go. I guess we need to hurry up and turn into the Jetson's so we can just fly around.


It would have been nice if they would have left Tiffin Ave open to the tracks so that people living on Wilson, Wilbert and Olds would have had easier access.

God Of Thunder

This is what it boils down to.. For years people cried like little babies because the trains stopped traffic at the crossings. They came up with a plan, finally built it, and no one is happy. They could not have traffic coming out onto Tiffin Av from Wilbert and Wilson streets because there would've been too many accidents with traffic coming off the overpass, but I see people have made their own access... Use the overpass... Learn the routes...And quit crying already.. It adds a whopping 2 minutes around the whole railroad tracks, tops. Maybe Cedar Point will disassemble their last sky ride and build it here and even have valet parking for everyone.


Is the same company that designed the overpass the same ones that designed the old Midway Mall exit off rt. 2. And the same ones that designed the drive thru exit at the new McDonalds by the Mall. Just wondering.


I happen to work by the tracks on 101 and it is a mess getting to work now and getting from there to downtown. There is a need for better signs.Ask the people who have drove off the curve of the new section of George street and the gu that went straight on 101 instead of curving left today. Nothing will be done until someone goes straight and hit the guardrail and gets killed. THEN something will be done.



Spot on.

Here are a couple of email addresses from the City Web-site for you to contact the City: (city engineer), (city manager)

The Bizness

That guy was obviously an idiot and wasn't paying attention