Dec 13, 2013

Can pregnant mothers receive special parking spots?

I know we have handicap parking, which is wondeful because not everyone is health enough or in the best physical shape. But has the city of Sandusky ever thought of putting in "expectant mother" signs up? I'm pregnant and on bed rest, but I don't have family close enough to help me. Every time I go to a store, I'm mostly walking the entire parking lot. Angile from Sandusky

We sent the question to Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein, who then relayed it to John Lippus, executive director for Sandusky Main Street Association.

Lippus is currently collaborating with a private industry to develop a comprehensive parking plan in downtown Sandusky.

"No it was not part of the parking master plan," Lippus said in reference to the comprehensive plan including special parking spots for pregnant people. "But they will look at the feasibility of it in downtown and write a few paragraphs regarding it into the plan."

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Temporary Handicap Parking tags are available. They require a physicians RX and are issued through the DMV license bureau located in Sandusky Plaza.


Thank you for that info. If I would have known that sooner maybe I would have gone that route. :)


Thank you Nor'easter for providing this woman with a LEGITIMATE answer!!!!!......The county gave her some mumbo seriously, HOW many grocery stores and such are there in downtown Sandusky!?!?!?


Actually if it is private property there's not much the City can do. In other cities I have seen the parking for pregnant women on private property. I've seen it hear too I think! Not sure about that though!


Finast grocery store used to break out their "Pregnant Parking" sign whenever they noticed regular customers were pregnant. The manager told me it was a simple courtesy to make a loyal customer's day a little easier. Only one reason I loved that store. I used that spot a few times and could have kissed the manager for the privilege. While I doubt there is a need for permanent signage, temporary signage for loyal customers is smart PR.

Ben Crazy

since when is exercise bad during pregnancy?


She's on bed rest, meaning to do as little physical activity as possible.


I agree that if she is on bed rest and has no one to help her do her errands, maybe she needs a handicap spot. What I don't understand is the ones who need a handicap sticker, but can walk the length of Menards, or Wal-Mart.


Bed rest does NOT mean limited errands. It means stay in bed. Silliest thing I have ever heard having parking for pregnancy. Exercise is very good for your baby. Probably same people that smoke and drink asking for this


Actually, bed rest can be complete or light. Sometimes it is necessary to be completely still, but many times it means light duty, not picking anything heavy up and limiting activity.


#1 are you a woman? Have you ever been pregnant and had that pressure and weight on your pelvis? If not please don't be a jerk. I have had a tough pregnancy this time around. I was doing just fine up until about 29 weeks. Yes excercise is good. And I ecxercised up until I couldn't anymore. I was always out walking swimming etc. Doing things I loved to do.

#2 they botched my question. If they would have put my entire thread on here, Babymomma wouldnt be so quick to judge. My husband helps as much as he can when he can. He has a very demanding job to provide for the family. There are times when i barely get to see him. But when he is home and off work, I guarantee he is always helping me. Best man I know!


I wasn't making fun. I just thought that was the obvious question/observation to make. You are correct, they should have put your whole question up there. But they want comments!


Thank you for clarifying. I retract my statements that were in any way negative towards you.


I was on modified bed rest. I was allowed to shower, eat at the table, short walks. I was not allowed to bend, lift, carry anything, extended movement/walking. NO exertion. Nothing that put stress on the body. There is a difference. No, exercise is not always good for the baby.


And I just read your comment again. For you to assume I am a smoker and/or drinker is pathetic. I would NEVER do so while pregnant. I don't even smoke when I'm not pregnant and I hardly ever drink when I am not pregnant. So you can put that in your tailpipe and smoke it.


i know many stores in pa that have these signs but the say new moms or pregnant moms


What no dad to help out? Lol


Pregnant lately? Try 4 months of severe sciatica and see how much extra "exercise" you feel like. When it feels like an ax has been buried in your back and lightening bolts are shooting down your legs with every step, you will appreciate anything that shortens your journey.

Ben Crazy

I fully agree!


I agree that exercise is good for pregnant people. This woman should stay on bed rest for the health of her baby. Call me. I will help you!


It is good, until you are told bedrest because they don't want the baby coming early. There are things thatbi still need to do. Such as take my 6 yr old to school. I still have to take care of my household, my dog, my child, cook and clean. I am not independently wealthy and cannot afford to just sit around on my tush and do nothing. But if you come into some money and would gladly like to give me the funds to do so, I would appreciate it. No nevermind I wouldn't, I don't like handouts.

Ben Crazy


Ben Crazy



It's funny, 9 comments and no one asked why the dad doesn't just go. Is that where we are as a society that we just assume she's doing it alone?


It seems to me you are the one assuming I'm doing it alone.

he said she said

My ex husband wouldn't go shopping if his life depended on it. He would order out or borrow from family before he stepped foot in a store.

Pregnant parking is not a bad idea but then how many people are going to abuse this like they do the handicap parking? How is anyone going to prove they are pregnant and just not big....


That's very true as well. I think us pregos would need to carry around a "proof of pregnancy" type deal. If someone is honest, and I know that's hard for some people to do, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Wow, seriously!!! LAZY...if your bed rest then have some one go to the store for you.


Not LAZY, you don't know me, you don't see how active I am even on bed rest. I HAVE NO ONE THAT CAN HELP ME!!!!! My mother lives across the country, my husband does help when he is not working.


I was in the same predicament. I feel for ya. Wish I knew you, I wouldn't hesitate to help you.
BTW pay no attention to the nay sayers, I would've rather had my other half working than to be home when he doesn't have to be.
Best of luck to you, and well wishes.