Dec 12, 2013

Where is the Sandusky Children's Museum?

Where is the museum? Sarah in Sandusky

The museum is not permanently located in a brick-and-mortar museum.

Rather, it's a traveling exhibit that termporary sets up shop in various places at certain times of the year.

Right now, people can go visit A Holiday Playland, a feature exhibit of the Sandusky Children's Museum, will occur during the following times now through Dec. 22:

• 5-8 p.m. weekdays until Dec. 22.

• 12-5 p.m. Saturday and Sundays.

The exhibit is located at 121 Jackson St., which is the former Sandusky Glass building. There is a donation of $1 per person.

Offerings include a shoadow wall, a floor piano, a golf ball coaster, wireless robots, catapults and other simple and complex machines.

For more information, contact Dick Gallagher at 419-625-4849 or email,

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Stop It

A request of cash on entry is an entrance fee, not a "donation". I get that that it is a non-for profit but really, quit playing with words to make your cause seem a voluntary giving of money.

The Bizness

If you have a problem with not paying the donation then don't pay it and go in and walk around. If they say you have to, then report them. It should say a suggested donation is $1.00.