Dec 11, 2013

Can my dog pose with Santa?

Where can I take my dog to get her picture taken with Santa? Does anyone allow dogs to get their picture with Santa? Lynn in Bellevue

I'm sure if your dog is nice, Santa down at The Cookie House might allow for you to quickly snap a quick photo.

Here's a full schedule of Santa's schedule in downtown Sandusky and elsewhere this holiday season.

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I've seen on the news where photos were being done with Santa to help shelters. Of course, that was in Toledo, but it's for a good cause.


Petco on Rte. 250 in Sandusky is offering pet photos with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 14th from 1-4pm. The photo costs $8.95 with proceeds going to the Petco Foundation to help animals in need.




Ottawa county humane society will have a Santa and pets picture. I am not sure when.

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"Can my dog pose with Santa?"

Please, this is for kids, leave hubby at home : )