Dec 10, 2013

Can I walk dogs at the pound?

I've always wanted to walk dogs at the pound, but wasn't sure if I could or when I could do it. Can you help me out? Christa in Sandusky

Erie County dog warden Barb Knapp said anyone older than 18 can walk dogs at the pound no matter when.

If you're younger than 18, you need a parent or guardian to supervise when you and a pooch go on a walk.

"We have lots of people walk dogs everyday," Knapp said.

Having volunteers walk dogs also helps officials know how a particular pooch acts, which is vital for when they're trying to get someone to adopt it. 

To volunteer, call 419-627-7607

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mimi's word

I have done this a couple of times but i warn may just fall in love!!! Which is a great thing :)