Dec 5, 2013

Why did Friendly's close?

What happened to Friendly's on Milan Road? Can you find out why it closed? Amy from Perkins Township

Employees of the restaurant, in existence for almost 40 years, want answers to that same exact question.

The only closure about 20 employees working in the Perkins Township-based restaurant received came in a note from a pair of representatives overseeing the franchise:

"We're disappointed to announce the closing of three of our Friendly's restaurants. Unfortunately, the restaurants that are closing have been underperforming for quite some time, and despite our best efforts to turn them around, we were unable to improve their performance."

The Friendly's in Elyria and Defiance also closed.

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This was a long time coming. When I worked there years ago we were lucky to do 30 guest at all sometimes


I worked there when I was 16 and it was crazy busy. That was a long time ago but they always had the best ice cream.


I like their sundays but vowed a few years back to never return. The place seemed to be in great need of updating and overall gave a run down and unclean appearance. I suspect the building was in need of more dollars than the sales could justify. From there, a downward spiral.
Friendly's stores were a staple of my youth but we are talking back in their heyday of more than 20 years ago.


That is sad. We used to take our kids there to eat, but that was more than 20 years ago. It used to be really good, but the last time we ate there (some time this past year), it seemed really run down, dirty - the service was lackluster & the food seemed like canned food that had been reheated.


they should have gotten Chef Ramsy to come in and turn it around .Like he did in Norwalk , ohio. And if that place could be turned around , any place no matter what , could be turned around


Loved Friendly's restaurants years ago but have to admit have not been to one in ages. I did go to the one in Sandusky a few times and the food and service was good. I think now people go to fast food places more or the newer restaurants like Chili's and Applebees. Too bad.


Bout time


Went from a nice place in the 70's to a dump now.

Good 2 B Me

Let's turn this into a positive and hope that a new restaurant opens there and can make a good run of it!


Unless it is a Big Chain restaurant with a well known one will go there and it will never make it. Watch the comments here in the paper. When talk of a new place hits the paper the names come flying. Never see a good old "Mom and Pop" homestyle diner come across.


I'm not surprised. We really liked Friendly's but the last time we went to the walk-up counter it took them almost 20 minutes to make two sundaes and a cone. They weren't busy.


one opens closes...


The chain floundered after bankruptcy.


We have been in there several times this past year. I am sorry to hear they are closing we always had a good experience there. And to close with no notice a few weeks before Christmas.... I can only imagine how stressful this is for the employees. Right now my thoughts are with them.