Dec 4, 2013

Will Campbell Street fire delay Speedway station?

I know Speedway plans to build a gas station in the area where a fire occurred last night. Will those plans now be delayed or scrapped because of the fire? Chuck in Sandusky

Sandusky assistant planner Anna Enderle said Tuesday's fire will not impact the proposed gas station in any way.

She provided the following response:

No, 2201 Campbell was not part of the Speedway project. Speedway only acquired properties on the southern portion of that block, from Perkins Avenue to 2219 Campbell. I do not think the fire will have an impact on the project, but I do not know the extent of the damage, so I cannot be sure. Speedway will most likely make that determination.

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Wow! A man has died, and the family home has been ruined. And all you can think about is whether or not Speedway is still going to put in a station. Kinda cold, wouldn't you say???

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Totally agree. Could not believe this question was asked, let alone published!!!


Totally agree. Could not believe this question was asked, let alone published!!!


I am wandering if the plans for the gas station had something to do with the fire as well as the death . One would have to wander about things like this .I would hope not , but then you never know .But then the gas station plans dont affect that house as I recall

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Gene, my wife and I had the same thought


I just think the mailbag questions are getting really goofy.


Must be a new hire for the new gas station...**shakes head**


How convenient following the question yesterday about the same gas station?!?! And we are to believe that these questions are completely legit? What a joke. Why would they even allow this question? A man was murdered and someone is worried about how this will affect a gas station??? Talk about inappropriate. Can we alert the moderator and have this removed?