Dec 3, 2013

When will Speedway gas zip into Sandusky?

A few months ago, there was some mention of a new Speedway gas station on Perkins Avenue across from Kroger. Any news on what's happening? Sue from Sandusky

Sandusky assistant planner Anna Enderle provided the following answer:

Speedway is going forward with their plans to construct a station at Campbell Street and Perkins Avenue. Building plans have been approved and they (planned on starting) the demolition of the existing structures on Dec. 2, so you'll see things starting to happen on the site very soon.

It's not known when the gas station will be open nor how much it will cost to construct.

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I have said since I moved to this god forsaken town that a gas station on that side NOT at a traffic light would do great. From 250 all the way out past the tracks, the only station on the right is the BP at Rt4/Hayes. Pain the keister to head towards 101 from that place.