Dec 2, 2013

What happened to former Sandusky Schools buildings?

A while back, there were a few Sandusky schools that sold for cheap. Are these offices now? Ashlea in Sandusky

Sandusky Schools superintendent Eugene Sanders and board member Faith Denslow provided the following answers:

• Barker School: Used as a 24-hour day care and children's center space.

• Campbell School: Home of the Nehemiah Center or Nehemiah Partners of Sandusky. Former board member Richard Koonce supervises activities there. The Nehemiah Center’s mission is to empower children and teens to reach their full potential, according to its website. In doing so, its leaders hope to restore the local community, one relationship at a time.

• Madison School: Functioning as a church, Spirit and Truth Ministries, with Pastor Tracy Shoemo, a former school board member.

• Monroe School: Sold to a religious organization, and the facilities are being used to some degree for that purpose.

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Licorice Schtick

Re: Monoe - "... the facilities are being used to some degree." And what degree would that be? Does zero count as a degree?



Spy's picture

To be fair, if the religious organization doesn't even give their name on the sign outside, what makes you think they are going to tell you what happens inside?


There are a number of so called religious institutions sucking the system dry by avoiding taxes calling themselves a religion....


Freedom of religion has been in full effect since the onset of this country. You can worship fish if you want to and get the tax breaks. I'm not affiliated with the groups running the school but talk about haters. You guys aren't getting anything for Christmas. LOL!


I want to clarify something here. The former Monroe school was not part of the four former school buildings that was purchased for $5. The former Monroe school building was purchased for over $100,000.00, also at a public auction. Yes there is a Christian based organization that is operating there at this time but it is not a cult. The funds to purchased the former Monroe building was donated to start a center to help the neighborhood, unfortunately this is a very slow process for this building. If the former Monroe building would of been purchased for $10, I do wonder what would of happen at 328 East Monroe with over $99,990.00 that was remaining ? Just 4fun