Nov 29, 2013

When will new Huron path debut?

When is Huron going to open the walking trail at the old ConAgra site? Hollie from Huron

The walking path should be ready by early next year.

Huron city manager Andy White provided the following response

The city has completed all work items on site and is prepared to submit a final report to the state required to earn a No Further Action (NFA) letter.

The report will be extensively reviewed by the state. When the review is completed the NFA will be accepted, and the city can begin redeveloping the property.

I met with state officials Friday to discuss the grant close out and public access to the new walk. Additionally, the city is considering appropriate signage and security measures to supplement the project.  The walk will be a new recreational asset for 2014 with access anticipate by the end of this year.

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