Nov 28, 2013

When will Margaretta Schools build new facilities for students?

When will there be new school buildings? Sarah from Castalia

Based on finances, it's unlikely any new public school building in Castalia or Margaretta Township will pop up in the near future.

Margaretta Schools superintendent Ed Kurt provided the following response:

We have a facility committee that is working to address facility issues, and we will work with the community to decide on the best solutions moving forward.

If we would build new, we could receive 33 percent funding from the state for new construction. Just renovating and addressing safety and security issues of our high school and middle school would take additional funding. We will continue to listen to the community and address this important issue.

To add your input, you can:

• Attend regularly scheduled board meetings, which occur at 7 p.m. during the third Monday of each month. The board meets at 305 S. Washington St. in Castalia.

• Email Kurt at

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The Answer Person about when you pass a levy and actually PAY for them?


When will Margaretta Schools build new facilities for students?

Right after Perkins gets theirs finished!!! ;)


When did Sarah move from Sandusky to Castalia?


Sarah is a fairly common name "tk". As far as the schools go though my nephew graduated from there in 2004 and was using a motorized wheelchair at the time. From the time he entered the school for junior high till he graduated they accommodated him very well and even put in a chair lift so that he could get from one floor to another. They did a great job of going above and beyond to make sure that whatever he needed.