Nov 27, 2013

What happened to the Karen Liebenthal memorial tree?

In 2006 there was a dawn redwood tree planted at Lions Park with a marker in memory of Karen Liebenthal. This tree was dedicated to Karen by Osborne Elementary School, where she was a long time lunch lady. When the city started excavating the shoreline, the tree was removed. What happened to the tree and marker, and will it be replaced? John on West Monroe Street

Sandusky Greenhouse manager Tom Speir provided the following response:

The tree in question was removed due to the regrading project at Lions Park.  

At the time, we considered moving the tree, but it was too large for the city's tree spade (a machine moving trees), and the cost of hiring an outside firm with a larger spade would likely be more expensive than planting a new tree. In addition, as I recall, the tree was not a good specimen.

We are in possession of the granite memorial marker and will place it at the base of a new tree in the general vicinity of the one that was removed.

Now that the pathway has been completed, we can choose an appropriate spot for a new tree.  I have a source for a 2 1/2" Dawn Redwood that could be planted yet this fall or in the spring.  Also, I have been in contact with a member of the Liebenthal family to ensure the family's approval.

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I love how the city plants trees only to destroy them within a few years. Like all the trees the lined up n down Campbell when they did all that work, then two years ago they just cut them all down. Poor judgement maybe idk, but I do see alot of tree stumps down that street.


What does Mr Speir mean by "the tree was not a good specimen"? It wasn't a good specimen of that particular species of tree? Or the species itself was not a good specimen for the area or location it was planted?

Kobayashi Maru

A 2 1/2 inch tree? That's really short, if I recall.


2-1/2" caliper. That is a measurment of the trunk. I would bet the trees on Campbell Street were Ash trees.


All the stumps (I see quite a few in my own neighborhood, too, and no, they weren't all ash trees), and I can't get the City to cut down ONE dying and dangerous tree!