Nov 22, 2013

What's up with Viewpoint's elevators?

Can you please get us an update on this? One elevator has been down for months and the other stops running more often than it should since August. This building has 11 floors and is for the elderly or disabled. These elevators are necessary and nothing seems to be getting done to them. Lisa from Sandusky

Viewpoint Senior Apartments spokeswoman Karen Twinem provided the following response:

Viewpoint has two elevators, one of which is functioning well. The second elevator needs parts which are no longer available, despite a search by the elevator company.  As of today, we have received three bids from elevator companies for an elevator modernization project at the building.  We plan to proceed as quickly as possible.

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It is not "working well", went down again on Wednesday for several hours. I know of several tenants looking at the new apartments in Huron because of the elevator issues at viewpoint.


just unacceptable, tenants have to feel very apprehensive in a situation like this, worried, fearful, especially in the upper floors.


Even worse is the tenants do not have keys to the door of the stairwell. They have sit in the common areas of the ground floor if they are stuck on the ground floor when the only working elevator stops.


The Huron apartments are very nice!


I think the fire chief or building code enforcement should step in to speed up the needed repairs to have 2 functioning elevators and to make sure stairway doors are open in case of fire.

Have the tenants considered a rent strike, depositing rents with the court until building management provides dependable elevators?


I can't believe that the stairwell doors would be locked. Seems like this would be a violation of some sort of fire code. If there is a fire and the elevator is down how do you expect the tenants to escape?


The doors on the floors are unlocked but once in the stairwell you can only go down.


You never use a elevator if there is a fire.

Stop It

Those parts can be fabbed locally and better than new. It would cost less than a new elevator system.