Nov 21, 2013

What happened to Monkey Munchies Deli?

What happened to the deli in the mall? I noticed that the doors are closed, and all the glass is blacked out. Jason in Perkins

Cafaro Co. spokesman Joe Bell provided the following response. The company owns the mall.

As is sometime the case with new businesses, the owner of Munchie Monkey couldn't quite make a go of it. That often relates to some underlying or unrelated problem but I'm not precisely aware of what that might be in this case.

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Is Weezies still open?

Good 2 B Me

I wondered the same thing.


They're being sued by the estate of lil Wayne.


Weazy's website is still up but the Specials section of the website shows the August specials.


I wonder if the closure had anything to do with the fact that Cafaro charges their tenants an outrageous amount of rent-which is difficult to make when the mall's performance is "less-than-stellar"?


Unrelated to lack of Mall traffic?

Brick Hamland

If Cafaro is charging to much rent somewhere else... pretty simple business concept


The name of the business was The Munchie Monkey Deli... SMH, can't even get the name right

Eph 2 8-10

I understand a too small profit margin. Not worth the effort.

Who goes to the mall when there's Target and Wally World? Oh, yeah, Amazon mail order too.....


I heard the monkeys were tough.


Weezy's was bought by Danny boy's and will be open soon as a Danny boy's!


I thought we already have a Danny Boys on rt 250?


So it was Danny Boy's first, then became Weazy's and now it is going back to being Danny Boy's?


Should have been "Gas Monkey" ! How come you always bring me Junk?


Sooooooo......Is Weezies still open?