Nov 20, 2013

When do tornado sirens activate?

Is there a schedule as far as when the emergency alert system is tested?

Erie County emergency management director Tim Jonovich provided the following answer:

The Erie County severe weather warning sirens are tested on the first day of every month at noon  The steady tone test lasts for approximately three minutes.  We also do a three-minute test during tornado safety awareness week.

The county sirens are activated any time there is a:

• Tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service

• A reported sighting of a tornado/funnel cloud by public safety personnel.

• Multiple reports of property damage or injuries caused by severe storms/tornado/funnel cloud.

As far as other counties testing:

• Huron County:

• Ottawa County tests sirens the first Friday of the month at noon for 1 minute. They also do a 3-minute test during tornado safety awareness week and an annual 3-minute sounding of the Davis-Besse sirens at noon on Friday in the middle of October.

• Lorain County:  No set schedule each city does its own testing.

• Sandusky County:  Tests sirens the first Saturday of every month at noon for a 3-minute steady tone for this.

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When someone throws the switch : )


Duh! If you have lived here more than two months you would already know the answer to this. Or maybe the person is deaf...sorry.