Nov 19, 2013

Will the SR alter its commenting policy?

Why does the Sandusky Register continue to let people comment on stories? Sarah in Sandusky

Sandusky Register multimedia and digital content editor Jason Werling provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Register is in the process of revamping our online presence including our commenting section at We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting but still give our readers the ability to give their 2 cents in the content we provide.

Feel free to comment below on what changes you would like to see in the comment section or comment here.

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Julie R.

I'll comment using my real name. Won't bother me a bit. That's because everything I have ever said ~ especially about the corrupt courts on the 2nd floor of the Erie County courthouse ~ is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!


For me this comment section is very important to the success of the Register.Just leave this section alone and add an identified forum.See which one is visited more.


Raoul Duke

Do you think I want these crazy bastards to know how I really am?


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So the decisions been made? Peace out! I don't plan on reactivating a facebook account that quite frankly I don't want. Let people like AJ and T.A. Schwanger talk to each other because that will be all that is left. Good luck with that Jason. The only other thing likely to happen is you will have a bunch of people with bogus facebook accounts posting, which really what have you solved then? Go look at other papers that use that method and you will see very few postings or ones that are obviously attached to fake profiles. It seems to me that the SR is gonna give in to the few nuts on here who want to see real names so they can bring their hatred to a persons home or business.

Licorice Schtick

The opposition will be silenced.

Peninsula Pundit

Just set up a facebook account for K. Dragger. Be creative in populating it.


When the News Messenger (and Blade) required FB sign in for comments, their comment interaction dropped signicantly. I believe the Reflector and Register have the best comment activity in this area with the current style. Please don't change. You have a good thing.
"If it ain't broke don't 'fix' it."


Lil DAB's right. If S.R. goes FB sign in, I'm outta here.....

Kottage Kat

I have used my real name, have been threatened, had my nuring license threatened have had a commenter drive by my house multiple times.
No thank you, will stick to the good old NR where anything goes. All the above were done by a NR commenter. Just to clarify.
I enjoy the discourse here, will be. " looky-loo after changes

Julie R.

If the SR goes through with this, I predict the SR will fast become another 'fluff' paper ........ sort of like the weekly Huron Hometown News!

Stop It

Fremont and Toledo suck because of FB. Bellevue sucks because it uses an RSS feed for comments. Try explaining that to a common user.


I won't be here either, not that anyone cares. Some of us don't want a facebook account. Period.


I don't comment on here much but if you have to login using fb then I won't be able to as I don't have a fb. Not everybody's lives revolve around fb and other social media sites.

Finn Finn

I agree with the prior comments on this story. What does "Sarah in Sandusky" have against (anonymous) comments on stories? I'm assuming she means anonymous because she doesn't actually say that. Jason Werling is actually the first to use that word. I think you'll find that when folks are allowed to comment anonymously, they are usually more truthful with their thoughts. I agree with Kottage Kat. I enjoy the discourse as well. Most of the time, it's a good "back and forth". A notable example is the Perkins levy comments.

Castalia Gal

If I have to post on Facebook to comment on SR articles the little bit that I do, it won't happen. Has nothing to do with anonymity but more about how I refuse to be a part of Facebook.

Eph 2 8-10

In this day and age, one needs some anonymity because of the individuals out there whom disagree with one's viewpoint can get very nasty, and at times, violent. Guess I'm "outa" here too.


I've seen some pretty ghastly comments come up on articles here that I really don't believe would have been made if the person making them had to put their reputation behind what they said (typed).

There is certainly some merit to anonymity at times, but for the sake of debate, I think it is fair to say that one of the reasons that Sarah asked her question was because people tend to be a lot less civil when allowed to be anonymous. YouTube has recently switched their commenting system as well, for similar reasons, and while there's a lot of debate about that, it is hard to debate how horrible the state of YouTube comments were.

By the way, this probably shows up as 'Atnevon', but I can certainly stand behind the post enough to sign it under my real name.

-Jimmy Blake

thinkagain's picture

I already post on other sites with my real name and push comes to shove, I will here also. Heck, being a Christian and spreading the good news about Jesus, I'm used to being hated by the evil doers of this world.

But for those who wish to remain anonymous, instead of just kicking them to the curb, why not give them a section separate from the articles. Perhaps a link labeled "enter at your own risk".


Re: "We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting,"

So the SR doesn't market it's online advertising based on the number of hits and eyeballs?

By "eliminating anonymous commenting," you don't believe that you'll adversely affect your business model?

The Bizness

Contango, we argue a lot but I appreciate our arguments. You are a smart man, and I truly mean that.

If people could not argue, then we would not be able to truly think.

The Big Dog's back

I wouldn't go that far about contango, but I do agree with him.


Re: "You are a smart man, and I truly mean that."

Back at ya!

Continue to question.

"The most important intellectual ability man has yet developed - the art and science of asking questions - is not taught in school!"

- Neil Postman, "Teaching As A Subversive Activity"

The Bizness

Also, if we had to use a facebook login I am out of here. Twitter on the other hand, well I have anonymous twitter handles for that.


I used to get a kick out of reading the PC News Herald/Fremont News Messenger boards when anonymous posting was allowed. Since they switched to FB format, you can hear crickets in their comments section. Quite frankly, I get a kick out of the back-and-forth that occurs at times on these boards. Thinkagain, I don't hate you and I'm sure I'm one of those "evil doers" in your opinion. I just think thing you say make you look like an idiot. There!! See??? That felt good for me to type and give my cat claws a little stretch! PURRRRRRRRR.........

thinkagain's picture

thinkagain - Father, thank you for leading me to stand for your truth and live your ethics, even if those values cost me ridicule or persecution. Thank you that as a Christian, I have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to comfort me.

Creator of the Universe - Well done, good and faithful servant. Be of good cheer my son, for remember this, because I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world will hate you, even as it hated me.

meowmix - I really do think I'm a cat.


thinkagain, the voice of God! lol! Sure.


For how long have we heard that the comment section was going to be improved or altered, but have seen no action?

Sorry Jason, but I will believe it when I see it.

Stop It

Anyone that is a minutely tech savy person can get a Fakebook account and use a proxy ISP addy.

If you don't believe me, Google it...

Edit: I don't believe the SR has the time nor equipment for an IT dept. on 24/7/365 watch for a public comment section. Just sayin'.

Dude i Roc

I will no longer post ANY comments here, regardless of how harmless they are, without the protection of anonymity. Sorry, SR but this is a BAD idea. You will lose readership online, as well.


I find it interesting that journalists, some of whom have gone to prison to protect the anonymity of their sources, would demand any free speech to identify itself.

Professor Playdoh's picture
Professor Playdoh

People will see me as a fraud

Carlos Danger

I used the same screen name when I was running for mayor of New York City, and they found out who I was anyway.


I will give a serious suggestion this time. I like that the articles tell me how many new comments have been posted, but it would be sweet if it showed which ones were new once you got into the comments. Just put "NEW" next to them, simple fix.

Kottage Kat

Good idea, would like to find a comment and not have to scroll through 2/3 pages
excellent conversations,finally. Maybe if we behave they will let us continue to play. Lol


I never behave. Where's the fun in that?


Adios, Kemosabe! signed, Tonto(fool)


You are hurting your business future S.R. if you change this. For a nominal fee just about anyone's IP can be found. Forget Facebook. Many with a deep lineage share valid facts, that some in authority don't welcome. Your future is in your hands.

he said she said

If I wanted the public to see my info on my FB page, it would be public. If the Rag starts that, I won't be here anymore...


Remember the show,
To tell the Truth"

Guess well just have to play along. Can we all use the same name?


So, are you gonna tell us who Sarah from Sandusky is? She seems to pose a lot of the questions in the mailbag.

Stop It

My guess is that Sarah is aka/Jason trying to find out how his "new and improved system" will fly with the regulars. JMHO.

getit right be4...

Just like Phil Robertson would say.

He gone

Will not use real name. Will not facebook or twater .

God Of Thunder

If you don't like what's on TV then change the channel. If you don't like what's on the radio, change the station. If you don't like the comments being said, then when you get to the bottom of the article, STOP there and don't read in to the comment section. It's as simple as that.

2cents's picture

The SR has the Readers Forum for that, make it digital for a real time experience and leave the anonymous blog aloe. I am sure there are political, community, business and other people that read these unedited from the heart comments to learn how people really feel about a topic. Tie the comments to a name and people will leave in droves, others will no longer read that never even post and in a year or two the SR will just end the blog due to lac of interest.


Re: "I am sure there are political, community, business and other people that read these unedited from the heart comments to learn how people really feel about a topic."


I know for a FACT that the comments are read by the NR, the SR and the politicos.

I have often asked a question in the comments forum and have later seen a story answering it.

Former Norwalk Mayor Lesch, stated on numerous occasions that she never read the comments because they were anonymous. However it was revealed that her husband read them to her.

IMO, this forum is like the old community bulletin board. Where people would often anonymously post their comments.

IMO, if the Guidelines were enforced and adhered to, this is a great tool and invaluable resource for the community.

Peninsula Pundit

'I know for a FACT that the comments are read by the NR, the SR and the politicos.'
Don't forget the myriad of local, district and federal law enforcement entities around here, as well!


Where is the value added in attaching names to comments? There is already a frequent commenter whose use of her real name doesn't deter her from attempting to hijack every comment thread and make it about her own personal problem. The Register has published rambling, train of consciousness columns with disjointed sentences that make no sense, an apologetic for criminals written by (surprise) a criminal, and relationship advice from a self-promoting, self-proclaimed band groupy, and lauded it on the sole basis that they all put their names on their writings, never making any attempt to defend any of it on any other merit. By that standard, the mindless, but signed, rambling of a brain damaged child molestor would be of more value than the Federalist Papers, simply by virtue of the latter's pseudonymous publication, and the collected works of Shakepeare would be considered so much toilet paper because of uncertainty as to his real identity.

People should focus on ideas and not personas. Using names does nothing but allow identity to distract people from the ideas. We would not have a Bill of Rights in this country had not the writings of an anomymous commentator generated support for ratification. Those who insist on names either suffer from the false belief that their own identity enhances the value of their comments, or are looking for handles on which to hang ad hominems. If you can substantively rebut the assertions of another commenter, you have no need to know his/her name, and it's notable that some named commenters resort to attacking anonymity when they can't muster anything better. The Register already has all the commenter identification it needs - password protected accounts so no one can post in some other user's name.

Also, Jason, you claim you addressed the proofreading issue, but you did so with a flippantly dismissive remark that the readers here take care of that for you. It's a poor excuse for a journalist who depends on the customers to do the proofreading. That's like a car manufacturer who expects the customer to check the tightness of all the lugnuts when taking delivery of a new car. We're not just talking about typos, either. There are gross errors of grammar and usage, such as the use of "himself" as the subject of a sentence that I observed a few days ago. My fifth grade teacher would not have accepted that. To borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, one who holds oneself out as a professional writer should be smarter than a fifth grader. The English language is the primary tool of your trade; have some professional pride in mastering it. Given the general quality of the writing we've seen here and in the print edition, one wonders whether, if the Register were a carpentry shop, every staff member would be missing a finger or two due to careless use of a power saw.


Best comment ever, Nem. The wording, spelling, punctuation are perfect. Commenters should take notice and maybe learn a thing to two. I have offered to proofread for the SR. Spell check only corrects words spelled wrong. It does nothing if the word isn't the correct one to begin with or if the word sounds similar to another. We used to learn in school the difference between "their, there and they're" and "your and you're". There is no such word as hisself. What happened to the English language? I will also leave this comment section if I have to use facebook to comment. I also enjoy the back and forth discussions about issues although, at times, it seems a bit abusive.


Well, if you're going to write a comment about the paper's lack of proofreading, you had best proofread the comment three times, eh?

Julie R.

@Nemesis: You sure are full of yourself. Must be nice to be so perfect like you obviously think ~ and I stress the word think ~ you are. Do you also walk on water?


I've never claimed to be perfect, unlike you. You can't even stand to hear the suggestion that your response to your sad situation is anything less than the paragon of perfect effectiveness.

Julie R.

Why do you keep saying my sad situation? When you live in a county where idiot public officials (including judges) actually assist in fraud, wouldn't that be considered the sad situation of everybody in Erie County?


Just because your family couldn't keep their affairs straight resulting in one instance of a problem doesn't establish a more general case.

Julie R.

My elderly mother had all of her estate affairs straight. As I recall, she put a lot of time & energy, not to mention money to her Huron attorneys, in doing it, too. As for what a bunch of dirt-bags did to her at the end of her life being only "one instance of a problem" in corrupt Erie County, I beg to differ there big time.


There are steps she could have taken to prevent it, starting with not marrying him in the first place. More importantly, what were YOU doing to prevent it when her competence started declining? Maybe that's what's eating at you, that you didn't do enough to prevent it.

As for begging to differ on "one instance," you're welcome to have other victims of similar instances come forward. So far all we've heard on that is the chirping of the crickets.

Julie R.

You're actually excusing criminal acts committed by attorneys and financial institutions by putting the blame on an elderly, incompetent person?

As for the one instance --- you must be living under a rock. I just heard about yet ANOTHER one yesterday. They sure are having a field day on the elderly in Erie County, aren't they?


In other words, it's a family thing. Your problem is with your step-siblings. It's an internal family inheritance squabble, the sort of thing that happens all the time.

Another one yesterday? And where is the victim? Not here to say anything that would collaborate your wild rantings.

Julie R.

Step-siblings? I don't have any step-siblings. I have one sister and one brother. My mother and stepfather were married for almost 46 years but they never had any children of their own. He didn't have any children of his own at all.

Julie R.

Nemesis: I could point out quite a few things in your comment that are not grammatically correct.


Have at it, and good luck. I look forward to the results.

However, even if you manage to do so, it's irrelevant, because I'm not holding myself out as a professional journalist.

Julie R.

So if you're not holding yourself out to be a professional journalist, what are you holding yourself out to be? An ignorant attorney, maybe?


Poor Julie, always grasping at straws.

Peninsula Pundit has a wonderful comments section which allows the story writers to respond in a special blue box. They had an editorial just last week that they are encouraging their writers to respond to hoi polloi such as ourselves in the comments. It is also well-moderated.


Gutsy move. BRAVO!!!!


This comment section is free, correct? This comment section doesn't make the paper any money what so ever. I'd say either link FB accounts for all to see OR allow fictitious names but they have to pay a yearly fee…..$20.00 to comment and read the SR online.


1. As people have repeatedly noted, Facebook accounts can ALSO be under pseudonyms; and, more importantly

2. Paying to be anonymous means at least The Register will know who we are, else how can we link payments to names, fictitious or otherwise? And I don't trust The Register to protect our anonymity any further than I can pick up and throw the building it's housed in! Remember, The Register is the same paper that elected to publish information about area CCW holders...


That's not the business model. The website makes money by selling advertising. The more people veiw the site, the more advertising revenue it gets. If the popularity of reality television is any indicator, the SR's revenue from the website is proportional to the amount of dysfunction appearing in the comments section.


I will never ever ever use my Facebook account again. Too many buttheads on Facebook and their security is non existant. The local paper where i live tried the Facebook approach and it died on the vine, their readership and subscription rate plummeted to the point where they reverted back to the alias format. Leave it alone, it makes for better reading than the paper by itself. But limit the number of posts a reader can make per article so you dont get ink hogs like Julie R cluttering up the place with their uninformed and slanted babble.


Cut Julie some slack - she clearly can't help it.



You have no clue unless you are part of the powers that be.



While there may be all sorts of corruption, that has nothing to do with Julie's little crusade. She tries to hijack every thread here and make it about her relatives screwing her out of her inheritance. Even if she's right about everything that happened (although her demeanor doesn't signal that she perceives very well) her chosen response to the situation, ranting like a loon here and hijacking threads, is ineffective and only serves to make her look like the town crackpot. This only makes it less likely that her antagonists will suffer any consequences or that she will regain any of her inheritance. At this point, even if she could get a prosecutor to listen to her, they'd have to seat a jury from people who'd never seen the SR website in order to convict.

There was a time when I, and several others believed her. We asked her pointed questions aimed at getting to the heart of the matter, and she spewed more incoherent stream of consciousness ranting back. It's taken until today, OVER TWO YEARS, of challenging, questioning, etc. and she's just now mentioned her step siblings' role.

It's clear that Julie's only purpose is personal catharsis - ranting about what happened to her quiets her personal demons. Maybe she should explore her feelings about this with a good therapist, and in time maybe she'll be able to tell the story to someone in a position to actually do something, in a manner likely to get them to believe her. Until then, all she's doing is further damage to her credibility.


"Even if she's right about everything that happened"

THAT is what I worry about.

WHAT will YOU do about it?


As I said, when I first encountered her, I attempted to get a straight set of facts out of her, in order to determine what I could do. All I got was incoherent ranting. You can't help people who don't want to be helped.

At this point, any ability ANYONE has to do anything about it depends upon distancing oneself from Julie, because she has destroyed her credibility and that of anyone aligned with her.

Julie R.

So what straight set of facts would you like to know? Considering it's all a matter of public record, why don't you tell me what fact it is you want to know and I'll give you the matter of public record NUMBER.


I will never ever ever use my Facebook account again. Too many buttheads on Facebook and their security is non existant. The local paper where i live tried the Facebook approach and it died on the vine, their readership and subscription rate plummeted to the point where they reverted back to the alias format. Leave it alone, it makes for better reading than the paper by itself. But limit the number of posts a reader can make per article so you dont get ink hogs like Julie R cluttering up the place with their uninformed and slanted babble.


"But limit the number of posts a reader can make per article so you dont get ink hogs like Julie R cluttering up the place with their uninformed and slanted babble."

I think that Julie R. has a clue of what is going on in corrupt Ohio.

Why didn't you complain about Big Dog, 4shizzle and others who troll to inflame?

What do want to know about corrupt Ohio?


If the corruption is real, Julie has unwittingly made herself the star player of the coverup. The more she keeps ranting, the less credible are the claims of corruption.


"If the corruption is real, Julie has unwittingly made herself the star player of the coverup."

In OHIO I have seen internet blogs of ALL of OHIO'S counties that tried to expose the corruption of OHIO.

My question to YOU is what YOU will do about corrupt OHIO? NOTHING? Perhaps be an OHIO sheeple?

I am here for further comments with you until I get banned like many Sandusky Register commenters who tried to expose the truth before.

Look at this:

That is only Wordpress.

The corruption is real in OHIO!!

What will YOU do about it Nemesis?


I have consistently advocated reducing the scope and power of government, which is the only way to reduce corruption, because power corrupts and attracts the corruptible. Following your link, most of the articles listed deal with corruption in government agencies that will cease to exist if I and the candidates I support get our way. However, I criticize government power and the inevitably resulting corruption from a position of principle, not on the personal, whose-ox-is-being-gored basis that Julie does. If the corruption is so widespread and universal, why can't she ever address it outside the context of her own loss in a family inheritance conflict?

Julie R.

I can see exactly what's going on in Erie County and I also know it's been going on for a long time. All these so-called family feuds in the Erie County probate court are nothing more than a cover-up for crimes against the elderly BEFORE they die --- crimes that trouble-making attorneys are assisting in.

thinkagain's picture

“Will the SR alter its commenting policy?”

Community Guidelines
You cannot make posts containing:
Off-topic comments

Why even have a policy if you are not going to enforce it?

Julie R.

Hey Nemesis, why is it that you never make any comments on the stories about crimes against the elderly, like the recent article: FINANCIAL ABUSE GETS DESERVED ATTENTION

Shouldn't you be on there blaming the elderly for those crimes?

God Of Thunder

oh my god Julie, let it rest already. You make me queasy. I feel bad for your husband..(If you're married)

Julie R.

I won't let it rest until karma gets every one of those dirt-bags, including the ones at that corrupt Erie County courthouse. It already has a few; I'm patiently waiting for the rest.