Nov 18, 2013

Could Kroger in Sandusky be moving?

Is there any truth to the rumor Kroger is moving? Sarah in Sandusky

This is a follow-up question to Friday's Mailbag, in which we answered an inquiry on the possibility of Kroger in Fremont moving.

Meanwhile, at the Sandusky Kroger, there's no immediate plans to move nor renovating. Executives have not commented either way on whether the store will be moving or expanding on West Perkins Avenue.
Earlier this year, supermarket executives initially announced plans to expand the grocery store into a "Super Kroger."
On a side note, the reader submitting Friday's question indicated we changed her question. When the reader asked the question — "Is there any truth to the rumor Kroger is moving?" —  she didn't specify what Kroger she wanted information about. We thought the reader sought an update on the Kroger in Fremont possibly moving, since the Register reported on this issue a couple weeks back.
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Hopefully they will stay where they are. No more superstores, please.


I read somewhere that due to the size of Wal-mart stores ,they are having trouble ,So why in the world would kroger want to subject themselves to that trouble .
I know I like both stores , but I like Krogers cause its smaller and easier to locate things , where at wal-mart you have to have a packed lunch and cab to find anything , Not to mention when I leave that store I am wornout do to walking the store from one side to the other to find something I came for and due to health problems
I feel that walmart built the store with the idea of providing more at a discounted price which is great , but it is not in the best intest of people that have health problems as well as a lot of older people which can not get around like they used to


the Sandusky Kroger is a totally decent store minus the fact that they have too many aisles of non grocery related items. if I want a patio table and chairs, Kroger is certainly not on my list of places to shop for said items. the store really is too small at this point and would definitely fare better with an increase in size. I find it difficult to navigate when it's busy and usually end up just as irritated as I do at wal Mart. I haven't stepped foot in a wal Mart in over a year and have no desire to ever go back.

The Smart One

There is definitely talk of them building a "super kroger"at the old hills/Ames location. Which will also force other store to move. They are trying to keep this quit for some reason. They've surveyed the area and blue prints have been submitted to erie county. Some of the store are already looking to move

The Smart One

They are also moving the store because the property owners (Didion) won't give Kroger the space they need to expand as they announced earlier this year.

Erie Countian

Wow, great info, Smart One! That would be a good location for a bigger Kroger and there is a traffic light there already. I'd love to see a Bassett's Market go in where our Kroger is now. I like them, too, but don't always like having to drive to Bellevue or Port Clinton to go to one.

From the Grave

I'd rather that we have 8-10 local grocery stores rather than ANY super stores. I also think there should be 50 local neighborhood bars with NO parking lots, so people can drink and WALK home. More walking, less cars.