Nov 15, 2013

Could Kroger in Fremont be moving?

Is there any truth to the rumor Kroger is moving? Sarah in Sandusky

Grocery store executives recently told the Register that they've wanted to relocate the Oak Harbor Road store in Potter Village elsewhere.

Problem is, they don't know where to go.

One possible location causing uproar: the parking lot at North Street and Ohio 53, across from the Sandusky County Fairgrounds. The Sandusky County Ag Society owns the lot, and it needs no approval from Sandusky County commissioners if it wants to sell the land.

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I am sorry, but these questions are really starting to sound made up. They are usually pretty close in subject to a recent article. No new information given or topics.


Exact same thoughts. Do people either: A, not read the paper at all, or B, not remember something from last week that was pretty clear.


It's hard to say, people are pretty stupid these days




Who really cares about the Krogers in Fremont??? I mean there is a Krogers right on Perkins Ave. If the SANDUSKY woman was really worried about a Krogers, why not go to the one in her home town????


Such ATTITUDES people!!! I am that woman from Sandusky who asked about the Sandusky store. A writer decided to change it to the Fremont store. I am guessing it was easier to research something that was already printed! BTW I read the Wall Street Journal for my news. I pop on to read what my fellow community members are b****ing about:)

red white and blue

Sarakate lol. Everyone else F.y.I.90/of the people in fremont read s.r.