Nov 12, 2013

What's next for Perkins Schools?

With the recently levy failing, what will happen with Perkins Schools' dire financial situation? Julie in Perkins

A week ago, voters rejected a Perkins Schools tax levy for the third time this year. About 61 percent voting against it.

The district's budget is showing a bleak future, with only $23,500 in reserve cash left at the end of the current school year, according to its most recent five-year financial forecast. Its annual budget is about $21 million.
If the district doesn't secure new funds through a levy, it will likely have to make further reductions before the next school year. If a district's five-year forecasts depicts a deficit and no reserve cash, it risks "fiscal watch" through the Ohio Department of Education.
Board members are set to meet 7 p.m. Wednesday in Room 805 of Perkins High School for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The meeting's agenda has not yet been released, but district finances and the failed levy will likely be a topic of discussion. Anyone can attend and comment during the public participation portion of the meeting.
Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner did not answer his cell phone on Election Day to offer any further insight.
Note: This post has been modified because of a change in Wednesday's meeting time.
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Good 2 B Me

Gunner did not answer. No way!

VOTE NO until we see a change!


Okay and what "Change" do you expect to see?? If you get the people you want on the board and a Sup that you like and they look at the data and tell you that the community should have passed the levy the first time. Are you then going to approve the bigger levy that they put on the ballot?? Or will you vote NO also on that one??

At what point will you vote yes?? From what I have been reading, even if Gunner leaves you all are going to vote NO because what Chapman is still there. Who's next in line for a reason to Vote NO??

I see a lot of people complaining about "Move the inside millage back..." Do you know why it was moved in the first place?? From what I have been able to find is that move actually saved home owners from a tax raise because it put onto business.

So if the young man that has been voted onto the board comes out and says that it would be in the best interest of the district to pass the next levy based on the data that he has seen and studied. Would this be enough for you to Vote YES?? Or would he be next in line to go for an excuse to say NO??

I would like to see some suggestions that are feasible long term. Rather than just keep seeing "Vote NO till Gunner is gone, er till Chapman is gone, er (who's next to go)..."

sandtown born a...

Quit with the bait and switch shell game and just maybe you will get money for the necessary things. NOT A NEW SHOW PIECE BUILDING




It really is to bad the State of Ohio has changed the rules again. As school districts throughout the state will be suffering. The state makes it look good by cutting their budget, however, it is thrown right back on districts to come up with more money.

When you get through all the B S this is the real problem as boards of education and administrators can never predict which way the shell game is going to be played from year to year.


jacwildcat - Which is exactly why they should have prepared ahead of time for that "shell game" presented by our state. They didn't forecast for the worst and spent frivolously and borrowed beyond their means.

Agree, the state schools funding structure is a crime!

Food For Thought

You can blame the state all you want, your main funding model has been unconstitutional for about 16 years now.... Never mind what the courts say we'll just keep doing it until someone with enough money wants to fight it in court. Until that time we will just keep fleecing the citizens.

Link below for all that need reminded.


Didn't Gunner say at one of the meetings the district will be dismantled if the August levy fails. Now that the November levy failed, uh..........



Is that what you want to see happen? I ask because you and others continue to bring that comment up, without putting it in the context he intended it.

Never did he mean that the district would be immediately dismantled.


His words, not mine. With the state of this current campaign, sadly, this is the direction the district is headed. I'm afraid there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it. The damage is already done.

Julia Baughn

Who knows what will happen next....Crazy times...I think the schools are just fine and we should stop trying to take money from residents. If you want a levy to pass, maybe you should try lowering the price. Thats why its not passing......Lower the price, Raise the vote! :P


I will vote yes next levy!


The school board did not keep a reserve on hand, it is better to plan for obvious future needs than to spend it on wants. This did not happen, so vote no voters , voted no. Now, slowly a basic low budget will have to do, reign it in and admire the stadium, and the paper blue prints of a fab,fab fabulous campus that voters did not vote for. Go back to basics, have fund raisers scale way back . Welcome to the real world that the middle class live in.


Perhaps Hoty Enterprises will have some "development" ideas for that MillionDollar Stadium.....

MillionDollar Plaza
MillionDollar Condominiums
MillionDollar Raceway
MillionDollar Board of Education Meeting Place

The possibilities are endless....


I will vote yes next levy!


If the other 39 % (yes voters)pay their equivalent tax to the school, we should be in better financial shape at the end of the school year!! They seem to be so proud on the path of the school system, then open your wallet and prove it.

Yellow Snow

Just because a levy doesn't pass doesn't block anyone from a tax-deductible donation. I make tax deductible donations during the year when it's a cause I believe in. If you believe in your school, wherever it is, donate. You might just like what it does for your 2013 taxes.


Wasn't the BOE meeting rescheduled to 7 pm per an item in today's hard copy of the paper?

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Yes. I've updated this post, which was written before the change. Thanks.


The state will never fix school funding. Just ask you rep Chris Redhead why... it's not going to get anyone reelected. Those fools will never solve a problem, they just make more!

red white and blue

Fifthteenthgreen^^ you nailed it right on the head with your comment!!