Nov 11, 2013

Why haven't damaged flags been replaced?

I noticed that the American, Candadian and Ohio flags at the Jackson Street Pier are very torn and tattered. Who takes care of any replacement of them? Nancy from Perkins Township

The city of Sandusky owns and maintains the flags.

After notifying city officials about the flags' statuses, they immediately acted.

Sandusky city manager Nicole Ard directed her staff to "remove and replace the flags right away."

Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said he's had "conversations with staff (recently) about getting these replaced, and we are looking into options."

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Former City Commissioner Dave Waddington used to personally check the pier daily for trash and the condition of the flags. It's time for a current commissioner to make that commitment. Thanks Dave for your service to Sandusky. I know he is currently also working on the project to stamp out poverty in out area.

sandtown born a...

I knew Dave in the 80s he was a good guy back then as well.


2 more years and he can run again!