Nov 5, 2013

Do Kalahari workers rip out ads of competing businesses in hotel room phone books?

I recently stayed at Kalahari Resort and asked why the pizza section was ripped out of my phone book in my room from the yellow pages. It went from physicians to plumbers. Can you tell me why this happened? Jason on Tiffin Avenue

Jason further explained how a Kalahari Resort worker supposedly told him CEO Todd Nelson requested that every phone book at Kalahari to not have the pizza section in the phone book because Kalahari sells its own pizza.

Kalahari spokeswoman Kelli Hartsock disputed the allegations.

"Kalahari does not advocate the destruction of in-room phone books, and the resort is actually in the process of removing all phone books from guest rooms, as they have become out of date. Additionally, Kalahari provides a quality pizza service to the resort for guests and local patrons to enjoy. In addition, the resort often cross-promotes and encourages its patrons to support and visit local businesses in the area."

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Actually, both Disneyland and Disney World participate in a local discount program in both Florida and California, or at least they used to.


While I do not like Kalahari and don't encourage anyone to work there, I would bet that it's hotel guests that rip the pages out of the phonebooks. Having worked at hotels in the past, you would not believe what some guests do! Of course, it would not surprise me if Kalahari tries to inhibit guests from ordering outside of their compound. They are out for as much money as they can get out of you.


Not to mention what travellers are likely to do.


I've ordered a pizza from outside twice when staying there. Both times the driver called and said we had to come meet him at the front entrance because he wasn't allowed to come inside. Still worth it since we payed half for the pizza than we would have from Kalahari's pizza place.


This is hilarious to me. Do any of you people know how ignorant you sound? Kalahari is a business. They have restaurants and pizza on site, of course they want you to order their pizza, if they didn't they need to find a new GM. Answer this, will Cameo let you have a pizza delivered from Pizza house, to you, at Cameo and then let you eat it in front of their customers? Can you go to Red Lobster and bring in a Filet-o-Fish from McDonalds and eat it? NO because they want ALL of the $$$ they can get. Do you really think Walmart would advertise or have posters saying shop at Target hanging around their stores? Come on people its a part of business, they are there to make money, and that's the bottom line. Like it or not.

Capt. Ford

Kind of sums it all up, it is obvious and it is within rights of a business....period


YouMustBeJoking....I guess you have a special computer that allows you to see information the rest of us can't see. We were under the impression that the Kalahari guests were buying pizza to consume in their rooms or in public areas but you are the only person led to think they want to buy pizza to eat in Kalahari's eateries. When people rent a room they have the right to bring in outside food while Kalahari does their best to prevent this. Greed.


Because, of course, YOU have no greed, and would invest MILLIONS to build an indoor waterpark resort and operate it at a loss out of the goodness of your heart, right?


Their food is high priced, and it is not worth the money.
Go to Burger King, it's better.


pYRKINSpYRATE, I don't have a special kind of computer. What I do have is a brain, filled with common sense. Kalahari, whether it be one of their eateries, coffee shops, candy stores, etc. etc. is still Kalahari. In business, every time a guest spends money outside of their establishment, it's considered a failed opportunity. That's all i'm trying to say. Trust me when I tell you, i'm a cheapskate. I take my own candy and pop into the movies. But as a man that understands business, I know that the more product you sell, the more profit you make. Profit = success. Kalahari sells pizza and they bring it right to your room which is convenient for you the consumer. Or you can order a pizza from somewhere else and have to walk out to get it, which is inconvenient. This is a great business move, not greed. And you are right people do have the right to have outside food in their room, but it is also right for Kalahari to make it as inconvenient as possible. So the extra $$ you spend on a Kalahari pizza is because of the convenience, and their pizza is good iv'e had it a few times, and they're HUGE.