Oct 30, 2013

Does Perkins BOE member have conflict of interest?

So I'm watching the Perkins board of education debate on the Sandusky Register's website, and board member Terry Chapman introduces himself as the vice president of commerical loaning at Citizens Bank. Does he have a conflict of interest? Doug in the Perkins Schools district.

Doug's question primarily revolves around the fact that Citizens Bank loaned Perkins Schools several millions of dollars to acquire plans for a new school that the majority of the community did not support at the polls.

Doug also asked how is this not a conflict of interest for Chapman and the board of education?

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the following answer:

In reviewing Perkins Schools bank history, it was found that Perkins has used Citizens Bank as its primary banker for over four decades, if not longer. 

Mr. Chapman nor the Board is responsible for the choice of banks. The treasurer gets offers from banks and goes to the lowest interest rate, which in this case was Citizens Banking  at a rate of 2.79%. Mr.Chapman was in no way involved in the loan process and abstained from voting on granting the loan.

Based on this question, the Register submitted a public records request to obtain the affidavit Chapman should have filed with the Perkins School district, stating his exact employment status with the political agency or Citizens Bank. That provision, among others, is outlined in the Ohio Revised Code.

Once we receive an update from Crescimano, we'll post an update on this Mailbag.

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Could someone explain further about the affidavit process and when this is used or required? Which ORC code are you quoting from? This was a good question. Thanks for bringing the question to the forefront.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese


Sections B and C specifically address when board members may have a "pecuniary" (monetary) interest in a contract between the district they represent and their employer.


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Ms Widman:

The articles notes that the school system has had a banking relationship with Citizens Bank for four decades. The treasurer states that the loan was awarded based on bids and that Chapman abstained.

My question is in regards to the ongoing depository and checking account relationship with Citizens Bank. Are those contracts also reviewed and awarded based on bids by the Board of Education and when did the last review and bid process occur?


Please visit www.perkinslevy.org for "Video Truths" and other factual information about the need for this levy. Please Vote Yes for Perkins Schools on November 5th!


Regarding footage of the asbestos problems, i.e. tiles in the Perkins schools that aren't being addressed immediately? I still can't believe you're allowing your family to be exposed to such a potentially toxic environment. Why hasn't this crisis been taken care of? Safety first! Or do we simply rely on our insurance company's opinion like the stadium bleachers? Where do the districts priorities lie?


While I believe a NO vote is in order now I do not agree with saying vote NO on all Perkins levies. I believe that once Franklin gets his foot in the door you will see a reasonable levy put back on the ballot and it will address all of our concerns. IT WILL BE REASONABLE, unlike what the Gunnerbots are asking for now! It will also be done on the heels of the BOE putting the inside millage back as we have all been telling them for over a year now. If the inside millage is not put back a levy will NEVER be passed!

Strong Schools ...

Support the students and check out the facts on the levy website. Vote yes!


I can't believe you're "hitching your wagon" to such a dull star. Franklin has never impressed me as being very bright or knowledgeable. Vote for Ahner or Uher if you want a change on the board.


Asbestos that is not "friable" is not dangerous. Asbestos can be encapsulated instead of being removed. Contrary to the knee jerk reaction bherrie and the gunnerbots want the mere mention of its name to invoke, it's not quite the super voodoo death magic people seem to think it is.

If you live near a stop sign at the bottom of a hill, your kid will probably get more asbestos exposure from brake wear in a month at home than he will from four years at Perkins High.




Why was the same question not asked of the appointment of Brigitte Green-Churchwell who now serves on the Sandusky Board of Education since she also holds an administrative position at Firelands BGSU.It is quite interesting how BGSU has expanded things at Sandusky High School.(and we will not even mention her attendance record at BG or how often people can not reach her for the job she is supposed to be doing there.)


BGSU is non profit, right? Maybe that's the difference. Maybe it doesn't matter as long as one doesn't have a stake in profits.


I don't understand why half of this community continues to drink the BOE and Gunner's Kool Aid. Are these guys really worth it? Someone please tell me how they will ever regain the trust of the entire Perkins community by riding out their agenda to the end.

Strong Schools ...

You don't have to drink the Kool Aid if you know the facts. Check out the levy website and support the students. Vote yes!


And why doesn't the same principle apply to a nonprofit? It still doesn't look right, ethics is ethics and a nonprofit should not be an exception to the rule.


.....and the Titanic (I mean the Perkins school levy) springs another leak! :( Yet Gunner, Chapman, and the rest still don't understand why we don't trust them.



Please see my comment below. There is no leak.


If there were no leak(s), this levy would have been passed a long time ago!


The levy hasn't passed because the quality of the community in general has depreciated. It's being strongly supported by those of us who have lived here all our lives and who realize the benefit of supporting our schools for less money per month than most of the 'vote no' crowd spend on alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets each week.

And before you jump in and ask for a link to back up that statement 15th, no, I'm not privy to each and every voter's credit card statement; it's just a general categorization. Since the average tax expense if this levy were to pass is $26 per month, I doubt there are many readers on this site from any city or township who don't spend that much on lottery tickets, or fast food, or cigarettes, or alcohol, or coffee from Starbucks or Bigby each and every week. I figured with as many unsubstantiated statements as everyone else has made lately, I'd be entitled to one ;) Common sense does dictate the truth in my assumption however.


I will vote yes next levy!


I agree with you 100% on the quality of the community. This is due to lower paying, service and retail oriented jobs being the main source of income for these folks. Better jobs need to be created in order for any community to thrive! Not just quality schools. Are people going to come here just for the schools or do they need some quality source of income to back up their decision to move here? Plus, we are allowing children from adjacent communities into our system via open enrollment rather than nurturing our own on a lesser scale. Open enrollment is being done solely for fiscal reasons. I feel for the home grown Perkins kids that have to take a step back because of this. I can remember when it was a big deal when one kid transferred from out of town. We all tried to make them comfortable in their new environment. Hell, now they come in waves! Hey, I don't ask for links. :) That's Centauri!


Let's be honest, there aren't many homeowners in Perkins working retail unless you are talking retail management. The people in Perkins are basically the same demographic they have always been, people who make enough money to not have to live in Sandusky but who wants more opportunity for their children than they would get in Milan.


You are correct. They rent! Not sure how long you've lived here, but in my lifetime, this area used to rely on high paying, industrial positions. Both managerial and skilled trade. Currently the top paying employers in the township are???


Perkins schools?




Renters don't pay levies so it's a non issue for them.


No, they just have their rent raised to cover the difference. They vote based on this happening! You know any landlord that will absorb any additional cost to their tenant?

Brick Hamland

Any landlord that has a lease... you can't just raise rent becasue of a levy. When the term of a lease runs out they could raise the rent, and the tenant could also go to a new place to rent

Food For Thought

Brick, I would encourage you to actually read a lease once. 99 times out of 100 there is a provision about adjusting rent if taxes go up. Most people do not read things, but they are there, I know it is in the lease I make people sign.