Oct 31, 2013

Is the Rieger Hotel project producing taxes for Sandusky?

Can you investigate whether the Rieger Hotel project is generating income tax for the city of Sandusky while under construction? Tim in Sandusky

Sandusky finance director Hank Solowiej provided the following answer:

"The contractors that are working on the Rieger are both licensed and registered with the building department and tax department.

"The question about them paying income tax: They have not paid any income tax at this point primarily because they started the project this year and will pay that once they file their return at the end of this year. 

"We know about them, and they are aware of the filing requirements and the tax laws. We're pretty hopeful and optimistic they will be in compliance with that."

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In a word, NO!


I wonder how many people they have working on the building at one time? Things are going awfully slow on that project. I think if they had more people working on the building, they could see some real progress.


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