Nov 1, 2013

Why has demolition been delayed at Wisteria Farms?

Does anyone know what is going on with this building, formerly known as Wisteria Farms and Esmond Dairy? It hasn't been worked on in over a month. It really is an eyesore now. It's 90 percent demolished but it's drawing little animals, pests and other junk. Dick on Campbell Street.

Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci provided the following response:

"The property is owned by Marilyn Prieur. The demolition is a private contractual matter between her and Abdoo Wrecking. We are monitoring the situation and I will provide more information as it becomes available."

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Might I suggest you google her name which her number is listed and voice your dismay. If I lived close to that pile of trash I would certainly call her. It's no different than the issue with Yost and the trailer park on the west end. The contractor had his equipment repossed and rest assured it will be quite some time before the mess is cleaned up. You need to contact her directly and the city as it is a safety and health hazard.