Oct 29, 2013

Updated: What's being built on Patten Tract Road?

What's being built in the field on Patten Tract Road? It looks like some sort of substation, and the sign says "Chemsteel." Susan from Sandusky

Updated (3:20 p.m.) — First Energy spokesman Mark Durbin replied after the Register published this entry:

Apologize for the delay. 

The explanation you have below is accurate. We are constructing a new substation -- to be known as the Hayes Substation -- in Perkins Township that ultimately will be tied into some existing transmission lines in the area. 

The project is designed to enhance the transmission grid in that part of Ohio. The substation was approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board and is scheduled to be in service by June 1, 2014. 

Chemstress is one of the construction vendors working on the project. 


Original story (12 p.m.) — Erie County project engineer Matt Rogers provided the following answer:

"FirstEnergy (Ohio Edison) is doing a new transmission line in the area, along with a new substation between Ohio 4 and Patten Tract Road. They're calling it the "Davis Besse to Hayes 345kV Transmission Line Project."

"It looks like Chemsteel is one of the contractors hired by Ohio Edison to work on the project. I suggest contacting Ohio Edison — they should be able to provide details on it."

Messages to FirstEnergy spokesman Mark Durbin weren't returned.

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