Oct 24, 2013

How can I get a "vote no" Perkins Schools sign?

Where can I get a "vote no" sign for Perkins Schools? Susan in Sandusky

Call committee member Steven Pullano at 419-627-8688 or Mary Bakewell at 419-627-8321, and the Citizens for Accountable Schools committee will arrange a time for you to pick up a sign.

The committee wants to ensure people that a vote against the district's upcoming levy this November isn't a vote against Perkins.

Rather, committee members are opposed to how school board officials and superintendent Jim Gunner has conducted business in the recent past.

Perkins Schools is proposing a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy on the November ballot — its third attempt this year to collect additional funds for operating expenses.

If approved, the levy would generate about $2.8 million a year, stabilizing the district's budget and possibly restoring some programming and staffing reductions approved this summer.

It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $236 per year. Residents in the school district pay $998 a year in school-related taxes today.

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"It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $236 per year. Residents in the school district pay $998 a year in school-related taxes today."

Add to that the Perkins Township Police levy that passed and the proposed Ehove levy.

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And just think a brand new 11 Inch Macbook Air costs $999.00

Could have gotten a 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD tablet for $350.00 or less and carried all your textbooks on there. Ugh Apple gets schools to use their product as simply a marketing ploy to get people hooked on their product for life.


And they upgrade these MacBooks more than most corporations do. New ones every 3 years.

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The Hero Zone

Yup! You get locked in to a proprietary system that only Apple can fix, maintain, upgrade, or approve of content. Not to mention it is a minor portion of the mobile and desk/laptop devices on the market.


Ehove Levy is a Replacement 1/2 mill. 100K home = $9.30 a year.

My plan to build a home in Perkins is being put on hold. This craziness in the School District is the direct cause.


I'm for the Ehove levy. Always have been! Just adding it up!

my oh my

Vote NO on all Perkins levies....


While I believe a NO vote is in order now I do not agree with saying vote NO on all Perkins levies. I believe that once Franklin gets his foot in the door you will see a reasonable levy put back on the ballot and it will address all of our concerns. IT WILL BE REASONABLE, unlike what the Gunnerbots are asking for now! It will also be done on the heels of the BOE putting the inside millage back as we have all been telling them for over a year now. If the inside millage is not put back a levy will NEVER be passed!

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"Pullano and other committee members said several of their signs have gone missing from their yards recently, prompting them to file multiple reports with Perkins police regarding possible theft and criminal trespassing."

For shame Perkins Local SD levy supporters. For shame!


Stop pulling the martyr card. You don't think supporters' signs have gone missing? I know of quite a few that have--you just don't hear them whining about it.


Unfortunately, voting no on a levy hurts the kids far more than it hurts an administrator that you don't like. It directly affects the kids, directly affects the quality of education they receive, and directly affects the teachers. The one person a No vote doesn't directly affect - at least in the short term - is the superintendent.

Imagine if you hated the owner of your favorite pro football team, and decided that the best way to resolve that situation was to cause injury to all the players and coaches on a team. To cause injury to someone who didn't cause the problem is callous enough - but to do it to YOUR OWN KIDS?

Is your hate of the supt. bigger and more important to you than your own children are? It's bad enough that Kasich cut funding to Ohio schools, and now -by not supporting your local schools - you're going to double down on that bad mistake with one of your own? There are other ways to rid a district of a supt. you don't like. For shame, to be sure.


Wow! You are really out of touch with reality! VOTING NO AGAIN! And I will continue to vote NO until the inside millage is moved back, Gunner is fired and a REASONABLE levy is put on the ballot!


coasterfan, did Kasich cut state funding so donations of 1.7 million dollars could be made by the board to the stadium fund?


I don't even know the super, let alone live in Perkins Twp to even vote on this issue. It's not 'directly affecting' the students, it's directly affecting wallets of administrative staff, who just might have to give up a portion of their pay if this doesn't pass, which is very difficult for them to do. That probably wont happen if this fails, they'll let programs and sports go first before they let that new crisp $100 bill go. They're not working for the district because the students are their #1 priority, they have kids and homes to take care of. It's unheard of to take a paycut for the kids sakes. Who does that anymore?


coasterfan.........your entire post is ridiculous. You should be embarrassed for even writing it.

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Coasterfan.... You really don't get it , do you ??? I will for sure be voting no AGAIN !


Let's be clear here. I have no dog in this fight but I am going to comment anyway! Let's also be honest. Most if not all of you NO voters probably no longer have school age children so you do not want to continue to pay. I really don't fault you for that BUT, keep it real and just say that. These lame excuses about millage and Gunner are REALLY transparent. Be honest!


deertracker, if you had a dog in the fight you just might understand that perkins no voters continue to pay,and pay dearly, but don't wish to pay more for the present administration and Gunner to squander. The "lame excuses about millage" are real dollars and cents to us for 10 years. And for what? To build new school buildings with funds intended for school operations which were moved without voter approval? So don't accuse no voters of dishonesty, when we are simply using our democratic rights to try to protect our hard earned dollars. Remember: education of our youngsters doesn't depend upon bricks and mortar.

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Be Honest Deertracker. Stay out of it if it does not concern you. If you have no dog in this race, your opinion does not matter. Those of us with kids and Grandkids in the SD have may reasons to vote NO. Gunner has RUINED the reputation on Perkins. It makes me sick to see him and the BOE still acting like nothing has happened.


Okay, I'm out of it but I did graduate from Perkins! LOL!


I'll make this very transparent!! I do NOT agree with the actions of the BOE and Gunner. I believe they have an agenda that does NOT reflect the majority of the tax payers ideas and thoughts for Perkins school's ( tax payers voted levy and it's ideas down twice )! I do Not believe they should be able to ask us THREE times in one year to support a levy for plans and ideas that are, with out a doubt, not popular with the tax payers of Perkins school district!

my oh my

Let's level the playing field and make the renter's in Perkins also pay up and not just property owners since the renters who reside in Perkins don't have to worry about property taxes......

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The property owners should be including what they pay for property taxes in the rent they charge. If they don't, well then, they aren't the smartest landlords.


Renters???? Really? Maybe some of those Perkins land/slumlords that own rental property in Sandusky should pay their taxes.




Move inside millage back!


I like Franklin


Police Levy. Ehove Levy. Perkins Schools Levy. What's next?


In case you haven't heard. I will be voting no.

NO in NOvember!


Vote no until Perkins Schools administrators understand what NO means.


Not sure why the Register feels a need to give all you negative people a venue to spew your garbage. always the same stuff but never the real reasons.



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Same reason that they give you YES people a forum to complain too!


If the Perkins schools can go to the ballot THREE times in one year, I think people should be able to voice their opinion on a local newspaper's blog.


Because the Register's agenda is to continue to push the Sandusky-Perkins consolidation/merger theme. Keep voting no Perkins voters, and your kids will all be Blue Streaks sooner than you think!

Colonel Angus

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Please vote no.

red white and blue

Now that perkins football is 7 and 0 I'm sure that will push the yes votes along with all the renters that have nothing to lose.as far as perkins being blue streaks I think the blue streaks will be pirates


Rumor has it if this levy passes it is backdated to January 2013 so you will pay for this year regardless if you agreed with it.


Vote no.

red white and blue

It does hawkeye and I have a bad feeling it will pass this time this board seems to confident


I think Gunner wrote his "Open Letter" because they are seriously afraid the levy is going to get shot down yet again. The fact that some folks got together and ordered signs against the levy and that people are putting them in their yards is telling the community that we are not going to be silent about it any longer.

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Alissa Widman Neese

Samiam, to clarify, Jim Gunner sent me the letter as a response to my request for comments to be included in the story that printed in today's preview tab regarding the Nov. 5 election.

He requested none of it be edited or redacted, so we posted the entire letter online, since it obviously wouldn't fit in our print edition entirely. 

I hope that helps.