Oct 18, 2013

What's new with the Lighthouse Baptist Church scandal?

Whatever happened to the pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sandusky? Was he found guilty or not guilty? Ethan from Ashland University

Erie County prosecutors dismissed the case in September, against the wishes of the victim, according to court records.

Richard Mick, 51, was indicted in August 2012 after a parishioner made allegations he had twice raped her.

Mick's Norwalk attorney, John Allton, filed several motions in the case questioning the validity of the victim's statement and requesting to review the woman's treatment records with her psychiatrist.

Mick's case was set to go to trial on Oct. 1.

But Erie County prosecutor Mary Ann Barylski filed a motion to dismiss the charges because she didn't have enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, according to court records.

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If more evidence is produced can the case be reopened?
A strange story indeed. If I remember correctly it was reported that numerous people came forth in accusations, but it seems there is only one that the prosecutor is concerned about..??


Where there is smoke there is mostly a fire, and if there were multiple complaints then....

How can this church trust this guy? I and several friends met him and heard his messages and he was THE most arrogant, condescending person I've EVER met, and those with me at the time commented on his judgmental, proud and un-Christ like personality that tries to control every issue in a persons life, including divorce being evil but he himself became divorced in the last two years, doesn't this classify as being a hypocrite?


I know him as well "Truth2u" and you couldn't be more wrong. He is kind and caring. Sounds to me like you have a personal grudge. I know for a fact that he's innocent. That's why there's no proof. You can't have proof for something that NEVER happened. So please stop harassing him and his family and church. You're starting to look desperate with all of your hateful comments on anything posted about him and the church he pastors. Maybe it's time for a new hobby?!?


Answer the question, can charges be refiled if evidence produces itself. If you don't answer it then its obvious that your the one who is desperate.


Liarliar_truth2... We don't really know who people truly are. People sometimes have 2 masks and my guess is you haven't seen this mask or you have and gave him an excuse because that is what you were brainwashed to do. Open your eyes, evil comes with a smiling face sometimes. Protect your children and other people's children at all costs. You will not regret it! None of us are above being deceived and when we are deceived it is usually because they are real good at it. We live in evil days and it is in the church just as much if not more than the world. Churches are not safe because they have church in them. Go look up how many pastors have raped and molested children. It is not just the Catholic Church it is all of them. The Baptist may actually be passing up the Catholics. You are supposed to search out this matter but you might be afraid of what you will find out and you should be.


First to Ethan from Ashland University, what kind of games are you playing?Because I'm pretty sure you are his step son, and thats the kind of games he likes to play too?
I know the games and tactics very well!


Liarliar what kind of name is that?It seems like this is all a set up just for this very topic?Oh no it wasn't him, it was the one armed man who did it!


To Liarliar the church and his family are not being harassed. Truth2u is asking the church a serious question. Why do you accuse Truth2u for that? Serious games going on here; but the fact is these kind of guys go on for 20 to 40 years til they are caught and everyone around them say I never saw that in him because they are blinded by what they call "loyalty" .


Truth2u, you are right on the money!!!


This person has unreported accusations that have followed him from other states, and a lot of his ex-friends, aka, "enemies", know all this too! But of course he is innocent. He has the people in his life that are the closest to him for a reason, and that being he can control them and their thoughts! People like that know how to exploit others for their own gain and means! But let someone question him and see what happens. When are you sheep gonna realize maybe it's not everyone else, but it is your worshipful master that is the problem! OH!, but I'm sure it was all his ex's fault. Nothing is ever his fault. Truth is; brain washed people will follow him no matter what the proof is!


to Liarliar again, I was thinking about your post, how do you know for a fact he didn't do it?Were you with him 24/7?And it wasn't hateful, but truthful!You are the one who looks desperate with all your babbling!I'm tired of all the girly games, and it's hard to believe they still work on people like you!


Liarliar there is proof but not physical because it has been so long and victims don't tell right away because the shame of the predator is put on the victim but the emotional state is proof. There is a way a person will behave being raped as a child that is evidence. Be careful about protecting those who hurt God's little ones. This man should know as a (so-called) pastor to protect the children not harm them.
Matthew 18:6,10 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
-Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. I know of many pastors who do not have raped or child molesting following them. Because they don't do it. Oh when will these religious people get their eyes off the men and on Christ.
He should be worried and all of you that blindly defend him. He has probably been at this for a long time and knows how to trick everyone he comes in contact with.