Oct 15, 2013

Why's the Cookie House up right now?

Why is the Cookie House already in Washington Park in downtown Sandusky? Bobbi on West Monroe Street

Sandusky Greenhouse manager Tom Speir provided the following answer:

"The early move was at the request of a member of the community celebrations council. There were electrical problems and other issues that needed to be addressed that required the house to be on site."

Sandusky officials haven't released a schedule yet for when children can visit Santa. The lighting ceremony usually happens around Thanksgiving time.

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Good 2 B Me

Let's hope that they get a good Santa. The one a few years ago was Creeeeeeeeepppyyyyy!


Even worse than having the Cookie House in the park now is having it stay through February and part of March. Santa's not coming back till the end of November!

mimi's word

How about we just not put it up at all then you won't have anything to complain...oh whoops I am sure you will have something to complain about!!!!


I'm going to ask Santa for a new city manager !