Oct 14, 2013

Why are Sandusky students wearing special wristbands?

What are those bracelts Sandusky students are wearing? Various people in the district

Sandusky Schools superintendent Eugene Sanders provided the following answer:

During homecoming week, the district distributed over 3,300 student wristbands and another 488 to all faculty and staff. We ordered 4,000.

The purpose of the wristbands were to create a sense of family and unity among all faculty, staff and students in Sandusky Central Schools. It's part of our retention and recruitment effort, much like our strategy of sending "thank you" cards to every student in the district this summer.

We received funds from the Dorn Foundation to spend on marketing, retention and recruitment, and this is one of the things that we purchased for our students, faculty and staff.

Officials spent $900 from the $25,000 grant.

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