Oct 7, 2013

Why did Baskin-Robbins close?

When did the Baskin-Robbins in Perkins Township close? I noticed it the other day when I was in the plaza. Jeff from Sandusky

Perkins Township chief building official John Curtis said the business closed within the past two weeks.

"Everything under was removed," Curtis said.

It's unclear exactly why the ice cream shop left, however, Curtis alluded to the business being in a tough location to flourish.

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Yep, hard to see place, I have thought that since they opened. The other thing that drove me crazy was the refrigeration compressor noise, that place was like a sound tunnel, everything was amplified, so if you could not eat outside you were better off in your car.


Im surprised it made it that long in that corner! Location, location, location! Next to close will be Mikey's.


What and where is Mikey's ?


Agreed. It was a terrible location. I was hungry for ice cream one day and drove out there (stone cold is to expensive for my blood) and they were closed. I had a terrible time getting in and out of the place.


Way to expensive not any cheaper than coldstone
I go to joe sundays very good prices!


too expensive, plain and simple

Eph 2 8-10

Why go to BK or any other when there's Toft's?


ONLY choice for ice cream.....TOFTS!


I totally agree. Toft's is amazing.


Hate to break it to you, but as much as I enjoy Toft's, there is much better ice cream out there.


Not around here there isn't

Licorice Schtick

There was a Baskin-Robbins there?

Seriously, the visibility was poor, and the sale of overpriced treats very much relies upon impulse buys. They probably could have benfitted from a better sign. The access is no worse or better than Panera, and they do well.

I like Toft's or Hot Dog Tony's or Joe Sunday's. Better value. Buy local!


I buy mine at the grocery store and eat it at home. Cheapest way to go. Edy's is the best.


Ben & Jerry Cherry Garcia


tofts is the best hands down I don't care what others think


Obviously you do care. You created a screen name just come on here and say that.

It is us, that could care less what kind of ice cream jeffs440 likes.


tofts ice cream is almost 6 bucks at krogers so I bought tofts and 4 different brands to see which was the best. we all chose tofts.

Truth or Dare

Toft's Dairy is Ohio's oldest dairy. One we've helped support for the almost 6 decades I've been alive, and well before. I prefer spending my hard earned money at a local family business as opposed to large corporate businesses! It's also the only ice cream we serve where I work (aside from a homemade lemon sherbert). Folks from all over Ohio and the U.S., even foreigners rave about it. They must be doing something right! Thanks Toft's.