Oct 10, 2013

What's being built across from Kalahari?

What is being constructed across from Kalahari Resort on U.S. 250? Steve from Bellevue

Hoty's corporate counsel Kula Hoty Lynch provided the following answer:

A Hy-Miler will be breaking ground across from Kalahari in the near future on one of several out lots available at our 30-acre project.  

We spent about a year and a half engineering a roadway into the site, conducting traffic studies and obtaining the necessary approvals from (the Ohio Department of Transportation) for access to the traffic signal.

Now that the infrastructure is complete, we can begin selling and/or leasing sites.   

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So what are they planning on doing with the other station out on 250 ? are they going to kep it open or close it?

2cents's picture

I hope they close it, very hard to get in or out, no parking for store, people block the pumps and I have not gone there for a number of years because of this and drive by it every single day.
Sell it to the state so they can make that entire intersection work right!

No Wake

These guys will be making an absolute killing on chips, pop, snack & beer sales. I remember 5-6 years ago there were plans for another waterpark/resort to compete with Kalahari, but I believe the market is a bit 'saturated' here if Maui Sands is any indication.