Oct 8, 2013

Why did the Brown Derby Roadhouse close?

When did the Roadhouse close down? And why? Deb from Sandusky

Unaware to employees, the Brown Derby Roadhouse closed about a week ago.

"In the restaurant industry, especially with chains, that's how they leave: They close their doors and are gone," said Peter Zaehringer, director for the Erie County Economic Development Corp.

Roadhouse executives failed to return repeated phone calls left by the Register. Brown Derby operates several restaurants in Ohio.

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Clark W. Griswald

Say goodbye to another crappy restaurant


Is there any way we can say goodbye to you Clark? Your trolling and ignorance is mind-numbing.


lol about Clark




It's very simple...poor food mixed with really bad service. Nothing else to really discuss. But then again, so many of the local restaurants fit into this category and I'm not quite sure why they remain open.


No doubt the steak house that just opened up did some damage to an already sinking business. When another restaurant opens up that can do better by the customer, and you are not on your game, the customers leaves for better food and service.


simple, bad service, food sucked, over price food, and just needed to go. They knew they were in trouble once Long Horn opened up


If a new restaurant opens and has good food and GOOD service and is clean. They will always have customers.

If the service slips or the food takes a down turn. That sounds the death nil of any restaurant -- sooner or later.

Other reasons are say for example; if the owner isn't paying taxes and the State shuts them down or other things such as outbreaks from bad food.

2cents's picture

Go here, good food, good atmosphere, 1 hr drive, nice place.


Charlie Watson

Really Utterly Terribly Awful facility.

Stop It

No way, Charlie..Not "cut every corner you can", Carl. Say it ain't so.