Oct 3, 2013

Will the former Feddersen building in Sandusky get demolished?

What is the fate of the Feddersen building once the Keller Building comes down next year? Will that building get demolished as well or not? Andy on Fifth Street

Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein provided the following answer:

"I have no knowledge of future plans for that building. If we are thinking about the same building, it is privately owned."

The two buildings are located on West Water Street in downtown Sandusky

Earlier this summer, Sandusky city commissioners voted to tear down the Keller Building. The demolition should occur sometime in 2014.

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Licorice Schtick

To find out what the owner plans for a building, asking the owner might be a good place to start. Maybe the SR should put a reporter on the story.

Verifying the owner took less that 30 seconds on a really slow computer.