Oct 2, 2013

Are there public charging stations for electric cars in Sandusky?

For hyrbrid or electric cars, is there anywhere in the Sandusky area that people can plug and juice up their vehicles? Mike in Sanduksy

We sent the question to various Sandusky and Erie County officials, many of which unaware of such a station.

Erie Regional Planning director Steve Poggiali, however, provided the following answer:

I am not aware of any electric charging stations in Erie County. 

In April of 2012, I did hear a presentation at the Ohio Association of Regional Councils Director's Meeting from Cynthia Maves, Clean Fuels Ohio on the Ohio Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan. They distributed some draft information ... on a proposal to change the building codes to include provisions for electric charging stations.

Cynthia indicated they were trying to make the changes so they could be employed in the larger urban areas as a requirement when new parking garages were built.

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Use your own electricity. Why should the city pay for this?


I don't think it is intended for the city paying for the electricity used but more or less a "electric gas station" if you will. There are charging stations in many places that help electric cars "fill up" when parked.

I don't believe though at this moment electric cars are feasible in this area due to the general spread of the area and the limited range of electric cars.


It's going to be called an Obamaoutlet.


Say What?


I have a Ford Fusion Energi and had to go out of town to buy it. Matthews Ford isn't even certified to sell them. They have yet to meet the criteria Ford has in order to sell/service them, and it's been over a year.

Matthews, you lost a sale.

Pterocarya frax...

How long have you had it, and how is it working out for you? They look very appealing!


I've had it 6 months. I can charge it up in about 5 hours with a 120v outlet.


Until this year, most public electric charging stations were funded by some Retail establishments along with city or state governments. But as new stations are being installed in cities across the U.S., electric car owners are more likely to now be charged for charging.


Get a real car not a golf cart!

The New World Czar

Try a golf course- then watch them laugh their heads off.


There's an App for that.

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The Hero Zone

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Prius V. It hauls all I need it to and gets about 400 miles to the tank of regular. Not pure electric but a good start. I actually proposed an idea to help raise money for and beautify the city by designing and selling "hitching posts" like you see around town from horse and buggy days. While there can always be a ring for actual hitching, it can contain a cord to charge vehicles or plug electric lawn gear into. Also contain a light to keep streets brighter.


And who pays for the power? The taxpayers? Another government giveaway to further destroy personal responsibility?

Your Prius is superior to a plug in - plug in cars are actually COAL powered. Once you figure in the transmission losses, it takes more fossil fuel to generate the power to charge a plug in to go 100 miles than it takes for your Prius to go 100 miles.