Sep 30, 2013

Why were there cornstalks in downtown Sandusky?

I was in downtown Sandusky a few mornings ago, and there were cornstalks around all the light posts. Are those permanent decorations? Chris via email

Those decorations are not permanent.

The cornstalks were for this past Saturday's North Coast Oktoberest, a fall celebration, which consisted of a 5K, entertainment and drinks on Columbus Avenue.

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GREAT event, fun for all ages. nice to see alot of people downtown, hope they do it again. In the evening, nice to be outside on the Patio's.


What a stupid question! It's fall and corn stalks are a nice decoration for the season. Next you'll ask why are there stars around town during the Christmas season.

Good 2 B Me



Frank Zappa. "Why does it hurt when I pee?"

Colonel Angus

Because Frank spent his summer nights at Louie's.

Julie R.

Lord Almighty, what a ridiculous question. Why not ask some good questions? Here's a few:

(1.) Why are the common pleas court judges Tygh Tone and Roger Binette handling probate court cases?

(2.) How did the probate court judge Beverly McGookey become a common pleas court judge when a common pleas court judge is an elected position?

(3.) If Erie County now has 3 judges that can act as probate court judges, why is the probate court still using rent-a-judges?

(4.) Why doesn't the Erie County Bar Association take complaints against judges?


*eye roll*


Yes, even cornstalks are now a seque into Julie's ranting about her lost inheritance.

Julie R.

Shouldn't you & Kelly be on the newest headline story applauding the finance director at the Erie County Care Facility for stealing from the elderly?


As long as it happened to you and not them it seems to be okay. If it had happened to them they would be complaining also. Such hypocrites!


*eye roll*


No, I'd be doing something that could reasonably be expected to be effective, rather than seeking catharsis here.

Julie R.

Hey Nemesis, maybe some of these intelligent attorneys out there (not to mention the Erie County courts & other public officials) should start sending in questions to the SR mailbag.

(1.) If property belonging to the elderly is situated in Erie County, can it be transferred on a forged power of attorney concealed in Lorain County?

(2.) If property that's part of an estate can't be sold through normal channels unless the fraud on the 1st owner's half is acknowledged and the property put back into the correct owner's probate estate, can the court force it to be sold at a sheriff sale through a partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely states there are no defects in the title?


For the 10th time, answer the questions, Julie:

What is your ranting here supposed to accomplish?
What HAS it accomplished?
What outcome do you seek?
How is your behavior here functionally related to achieving that outcome?

Still waiting.....

Julie R.

What are you trying to accomplish by stalking my every comment?


I'm not, Julie. I don't see half of them, and ignore most of those I do see, and only respond to the most egregious thread hijackings, where you do things like try to make an article about cornstalks about your lost inheritance. What next, are you going to make the listing of dogs awaiting adoption all about your personal problem?

Here's a thought for you - in 2005, my car was stolen. Maybe I should start trying to make every comment thread at the SR about my loss all those years ago. I mean, if you can do it, why shouldn't everyone?


Are they permanent decorations?
What a jack hole!


How corny.