Sep 26, 2013

Is the Barge Party coming back next year?

I loved going to the barge party in years past and was sad to see it not occur in 2013. Do you know if it's coming back? Matt in Sandusky

At the time, there are no plans to resurrect the Sandusky Bay Barge Party — a much-loved, twice-a-summer event attracting hundreds of boaters and revelers.

Festival organizers canceled the event mainly because they couldn't raise enough funds to purchase insurance. One barge party costs about $10,000, putting the summer's worth at $20,000. Organizers also faced resistance from local law enforcers charging people.

It's unknown exactly what would need to occur to bring the event back in 2014, however, sponsors providing a secure funding stream would likely help.

The barge party is centered on the sandbar, in the lake water just across from Cedar Point. Even organizers float a barge to the scene, effectively turning it into a floating stage that serves as the party's centerpiece, offering music and dance contests.

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Are YOU sponsoring it Matt?


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