Sep 18, 2013

*UPDATED* What happened to girl that got hit by car near SHS?

On Sept. 6, while sitting in traffic from the Perkins and Sandusky football game, three police cars swarmed the BP station on the corner of Hayes and West Perkins avenues. What happened? Penelope in Sandusky

UPDATED (4 p.m.): Kelsey Conway, the girl who got hit by the car, called the Register earlier this afternoon to clue us in on what happened.

Conway said she was crossing the street near Sandusky High School going toward Burger King on West Perkins Avenue when a car collided into her.

Friends told her she momentarily blacked out.

Luckily for Conway, she only has minor pain in her ankle and is taking medication to ease the pain.

ORIGINAL ENTRY (12 p.m.):Police told the Register on that night a girl crossing the street got hit by a car but did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

We tried following up on the situation with a Firelands Regional Medical Center professional at the time, but they didn't have any information about the patient.

Maybe one of our readers could enlighten us in the comment section below as to what exactly happened, including clueing us in about the girl's present-day health status.

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She went into shock but is doing great now! No broken bones or anything!

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