Sep 20, 2013

Are Viewpoint's elevators getting fixed?

What are Viewpoint Senior Apartments owners doing in regards to fixing the faulty elevators? Audrey on Boardwalk Boulevard

Ongoing issues with malfunctioning elevators have frustrated Viewpoint Apartments residents.

A National Church Homes spokeswoman says one of the elevators has been working since late August, when some residents were stuck in their 10th story apartments, unable to make the climb up and down to the first floor.
To get the second elevator working — which has been broken for a long time — will require a specialist.
"We do have one elevator running and the control panel was sent back," spokeswoman Karen Twinem said. "It's been find. They just have to find someone to reprogram this control panel, and they haven't been able to do that."
No exact date has been given to when both elevators might be operational.


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