Sep 23, 2013

Does the area have poor cell phone service?

Whenever I am home in the Sandusky area, I notice that the cell phone service is poor. I often have trouble sending a simple text message. Is this a known issue through out the area? Kyle from Perkins

Since many cell phone users have different makes, models and carriers, we thought it would be best to pose this question to our readers.

Leave a comment below about your personal experiences with cell phones in the area. Make sure to include as much information as possible, such as carrier, type of phone and location.

For instance: My Verizon iPhone 3G constantly drops calls when I'm at Cedar Point. 

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I have Verizon and have a Droid 4G and live by the mall and very rarely have had any issues with my cell service or with my high speed internet, when I do a speed test the 4G is cranking out the MB's of the internet. I would look at the phone, service and as well any updates that you may need to upgrade on your phones operating system. Try turning off the phone at least once a week and letting it reset.

Joe Schmoe

Castalia has a brand new Verizon tower that was just constructed this summer. It sits on Margaretta Township property behind the Road Department. It was finally turned on about 2 weeks ago. Full bars with 4G service! Loving it


Well thru the peak of summer service does suck!! Only cuz of cp traffic and how many ppl are here.. But I also have trouble in my own house where I live.. I have Sprint and I live over across the tracks on coming off 101 and I go into roaming and sometimes dont get good connection to the internet at ALL !! But I have also been told by Sprint representatives that Sprint is/are working on putting 4G in this area!