Sep 16, 2013

Will the Columbus Park subdivision get paved?

Since Perkins Township officials failed to deliver on their promise to redo the streets in Columbus Park in 2012, will they make these improvements sometime in the future? Varoius residents on Memphis Avenue

Perkins Township is basically broke when it comes to funds for fixing various roads in dire need of repair.

Trustees did reserve some money to pave several streets within the Columbus Park subdivision, but cost overruns for the Fairview Lanes paving project ate all of this project's money up.

Upgrades to this area aren't expected to occur until 2014 at the earliest, Perkins Township highway superintendent Eric Dodrill said.

Trustees are still finalizing next year's budget, so it's not known how much money they'll set aside for road repairs.

The total project should cost at least $577,000, broken down by:

• Boston Road: $210,000

• Richmond Circle: $100,000

• Lisbon Circle: $86,000

• Memphis Avenue: $56,000

• Dallas Avenue: $44,000

• Hartford Avenue: $41,000

• Denver Avenue: $40,000

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Putting lipstick on a pig out there.

The Answer Person

I bet they would have gotten more money for fixin' them streets if they hadn't been so stupid as to NOT let Home Depot and Sam's Club connect to their streets. You lose!!!


I wouldn't have put the priority where it seems to be .


Yes, pave through to Home Depot!




Do those residents pay taxes?




Is that your final answer? You obviously think you are better than those people. You are not. People live where it is affordable and the fact that they want to upgrade the streets tell me they take pride in their neighborhood. Columbus Park is an old neighborhood in need of some upgrades but it seems as though you're only interested in putting people down. For the record, I don't live there nor would I be embarrassed to say I did. You really need to climb down off that pedestal you have placed yourself on!


It's Hancock south. It's a dump.