Sep 11, 2013

Who's always driving down Cedar Point Drive?

I notice that on most days between 11-11:30 a.m., there are vehicles going by my house that look like they're the same vehicle. I was wondering if they are transporting people to Cedar Point from someplace? Sue on Cedar Point Drive

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards provided the following response:

"We are not transporting people to Cedar Point," Edwards said. "My only guess is that (you're) seeing season pass holders or employees that are using the Chaussee to get to the park."

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Good 2 B Me

Oh my!! They are invading your road!

From the Grave

What's he building in there...


Could it be people going to Cedar Point?


My husband drives the same way to work everyday too. In the SAME car. Every day. At the SAME time. Strange HUH?

he said she said

oh my us little people can't drive down Cedar Point Drive without someone seeing our hooptee.


Well, keep in mind that it is a private, not public, road. When you hit the old causeway, notice that the speed limit signs cite by number the special ordinance authorizing the police to enforce that speed limit, since private roads are not ordinarily under their jurisdiction. I've heard homeowners on the Chausee complain that maintaining that road is the single biggest expense their HOA faces, so they'd be perfectly justified in wanting to limit traffic to cut down on wear and tear on the road, and reduce those expenses.

I suspect the reason the letter writer sees a lot of cars pass in one direction and then shortly after in the other is that a lot of tourists and lookie-loos turn down the Chausee, not knowing that there's a toll booth at the other end, and then turn back the way they came to avoid the toll.


A delivery person? Newspaper? Just a thought!

Stop It

The ones ya really gotta worry about is the black helicopters. They can go "silent" and you won't even know they are there.

Clark W. Griswald

Maybe you should set up a check point in front of your house, nosey.


I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that she means back and forth. Such as continually back and forth like a taxi service. I could be wrong.

The Answer Person

LIFE...get one!

Tool Box

^ The best answer all day!


Was big and yellow with black strips and lettering with flashing yellow and red lights?

2cents's picture

"that look like they're the same vehicle."
CP people have uniforms, maybe they have to drive the same car too : )

Tool Box

It's the warden bringing in the chain gang to work on your neighbor's house. I hope they aren't burglars or rapists!!

Sandusky Citizen 1

I know, it's weird but every day when I drive down Cedar Point Dr., there is always this same lady looking out her windows at the same time every day... It's creeping me out.

Stop It



OMG That is soooo funny, Thanks for the laugh.