Sep 6, 2013

What's that burning smell in downtown Sandusky?

I live in the downtown area. Occassionally at night, I wake to the smell of something burning. Any idea what it is and where it is coming from? Barbara in Sandusky

Sandusky police chief John Orzech and city fire Chief Paul Ricci both said they're unaware of such an odor emanating from the downtown area.

"I haven't heard anything like this," Orzech said. "Maybe someone that lives down there has a wood fireplace."

Said Ricci: "I have no information on the 'burning' smell in downtown, but I will inquire of my staff on the lookout for this."

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Do you live by a crematory? They typically burn at night and there is an odor.


Most small town crematories DO NOT cremate at night - they operate 9-5.


They cremate whenever there is a need day or night.


Not to start an argument on this one point, but... They cremate based on need, sure, but within normal business hours. Find me a crematory in the Sandusky area that has someone working third shift and I'll tip my cap.

Back to the original point, where in the Sandusky downtown area is the "offense"?


Foster's in Huron. I have to call and tell them were coming so someone can meet me there as they have to sign off on the chain of custody. Been there late in the evening several times so we could have the cremains back early the next day. There are no normal business hours in funeral business!


After you are met and the cremation begins, no one stays there; they return early the next morning!!!

ABSOLUTELY correct that there are no normal hours in funeral SERVICE.


Once it starts there is nothing to do but wait. Its like a boiler it runs itself all you have to do is turn it on and check on it.


If you live anywhere near Sandusky International, they do a lot of melting and pouring of metal at night. Maybe that's it?


The answer is simple and obvious. It is weed smoke.

Clark W. Griswald

Crack cocaine


The smell is coming from the Crowbar.


The cops are burning all the pot they found in the fields of course. Go on out and take a whiff and chillax.


or it could be your husband was thinking again.

Julie R.

If it's a foul smell, it's probably coming from the courthouse.


The truth was deleted. Think about it. Get your head out of the sand.