Sep 4, 2013

UPDATED: Are there any updates on Kroger's expansion?

What's going on with the remodel and expansion of the Kroger on Perkins Avenue? I thought construction was supposed to start in July? Ellen on Venice Rd.

UPDATED (6:30 p.m.) — Jackie Siekmann, spokeswoman for Kroger, said the grocery store chain is still doing its due diligence to determine what would serve Kroger and its customers best.

They are still looking at whether an expansion, a remodel or possible even a relocation is called for. It may not be until next year before any other update may be available on the project, she said.
"We work years in advance," Siekmann said.
ORIGINAL STORY (12 p.m.) — Perkins Township chief building official John Curtis said he hasn't heard anything regarding an update on Kroger's expansion.

In early 2013, Kroger executives announced a massive makeover to the popular Perkins Avenue grocery store.

The Register will report on any new and major developments on Kroger's expansion once they become available.

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Dwight K.

They can start by making the parking lot more drive able


I've never had a problem with the parking lot. What's your problem with it?

Dont Worry Be Happy

People like to park in the fire lane and block traffic that's suppose to go both ways. Its called LAZY people and Sandusky is full of LAZY people.


@don't worry.....AMEN. That drives me crazy, too, as well as the wonderful people who park in the handicap spaces and don't have handicap signs or tags.


If they are smart they will relocate! The neighbors they have now, are scaring away the paying customers. I love Krogers, but have stopped going there, especially at night. It cost more to shop there, and now you have to look at neighbors walking over from the trailers, in their jamma bottoms. The parking lot is always full of thugs, and the last time I was there some drunk got busted stealing and the employees were all running him down while we had to stand there and wait in line. Time to move out away from the hood.

Dwight K.

Parking lot gets narrow toward the Pharmacy drive up and apparently if you come in the Campbell street entrance people can't see you when they're coming out of the parking isle

JudgeMeNot's picture

Kroger may close it and build a new store using the Harris Teeter name. All Harris Teeter's stores are non-union.

Kobayashi Maru

I've heard they are considering the land next to Home Depot across from Sam's Club.


I'm sure Loss Prevention is promoting that move!

Move away from the hood, the riff-raff, and no more SPARC drop offs!


I hope they are not moving out to 250... I think they will lose business if they move out there with so many other choices out there...


A move out on 250 would be a HUGE MISTAKE! That's the only reason I shop at Kroger now, if they moved next to Home Depot I would never shop there. they should build where the old Hills/Ames store was!


Good idea.


Sure, move to where there are MORE lowlife thugs!!


I have thought the old car wash property next to Ghostly Manor, across from Corso's on Rt 250 would be a good spot. Easy access to Columbus Ave out the back, side road which would allow for avoidance of Rt250. It would put the store in with the other choices but also be the first choice you come to out of the city. But, maybe it is not big enough.


Face it people. If they move to Perkins they close within a year. If you spend $150.00 on groceries at Krogers you can go to Meijers and buy the "exact" groceries for $100.00. Krogers is there for alot of people in the downtown Sandusky area. Lets keep it that way.


Uhhh..... They already are IN Perkins
Plus most of the people in the downtown Sandusky area either shop at dollar general or save a lot.


The move to Rt250 (and Perkins) seems to have not hurt Aldi???


I like Kroger because I don't have to walk a block to get something from the other side of the store. They are higher then Meijers on some items, but I don't see a hugh difference overall. I shop both Kroger and Meijer. It depends on their sale items and what I need. I do like Kroger meats much better. The pharmacy employees are very nice and helpful. As for location, I hope they stay on Perkins ave. It is so much easier to get to in the summer then Meijer because you don't have to fight the traffic on 250.

Paully Walnuts

Kroger should definitely not relocate this store. The main reason they get so much business is that it is the closest full line grocery store to the vast majority of the Sandusky residents. Moving to 250 would force them to directly compete with Meijer and Walmart which would not bode well for Kroger. An expansion and remodel at its current location would provide a great benefit to all residents nearby.

Dude i Roc

A new Kroger built in west Sandusky would be great for the city's tax revenue. Who wouldn't want that if it is up for grabs? Anyone in city leadership paying attention?


Kroger would be crazy if they moved. Out of business in 6 months if they go to 250.


Ok for 1 they are in Perkins now. But the old hills lot will work great... Has anyone been in there to tell them there is a spot there???

Azure Ray

Why would anyone shop at Kroger (which is much more expensive) instead of going to Meijer or Wal Mart? The only reason I go to Kroger is because of its location. It is close to my workplace and I can run there over the lunch hour if needed. I'm sure many people that live around there feel the same way. If it moves to 250, it will go quickly go out of business. Any college freshman in a Business 101 class could tell you that.

Azure Ray

Maybe instead of moving Kroger, we should think about cleaning up the neighborhood.


They have to stick with the options they can actually implement.