Sep 3, 2013

What's the cost of working out?

I enjoy watching the progress of your FIT Challenge participants and wish them all success. Can you tell us how much it would cost a person who wants to workout with a trainer over a year's time? I don't know if I'll win a spot in your contest, and I'm not sure I want my progress recorded publicly. Sandi from Sandusky

Firelands in Training, or FIT, editor Brandi Barhite provided the following answer:

So glad you are enjoying the FIT Challenge. Thank you for following the public journey of these local men and women who want to lead healthier lifestyles.
All of the FIT Challenge contestants receive a free gym membership and personal trainer as part of their six-month participation in the contest.
This is possible thanks to the generosity of the many gyms who are participating or have participated in the FIT Challenge. Those gyms include Health & Strength, Curves, NOMS, Anytime Fitness, The Gym and Bodi N Balance.
Former FIT Challenger trainer Ken Cutcher said clients who want to hire a personal trainer must be members of Anytime Fitness. The gym membership is about $45 a month, while training sessions are $25 to $30 per 30-minute session. Most FIT Challenge contestants work out with a trainer two-three times per week.
Therefore, a one-year gym membership at Anytime would cost about $540. Three weekly personal training sessions ($30 each) for 52 weeks would be $4,680 for a grand total of $5,220.
That might sound steep, but gyms will often offer specials and discounts if you sign up for a long-term contract. Shop around.
Plus, can you really put a price on health and fitness?


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Erie Countian

I am sorry to see the young woman who is currently doing her Fit Challenge at Curves is not making much progress at all. I lost over 60 pounds by going to Curves and have kept it off for several years by continuing my membership there. Of course making a big lifestyle change is not easy, especially at first, but I feel the Fit contestant is inadvertently painting an unfair picture of Curves because she isn't really being serious in her efforts and isn't taking full advantage of the opportunity she has been given free of charge. Hopefully next time you will choose a Fit Challenge contestant to workout at Curves who is TRULY ready to make a healthy new start! It CAN be done at Curves, despite what the current Fit Challenge contestant's results seems to suggest. I really want to give a shout-out to the owner and staff at Curves! They will help you to succeed and reach your goals, but you need to seriously buckle down and do your part to make it happen! They have helped me greatly over the years. I certainly wish nothing but the best to the current Fit contestant at Curves and I hope she will find the inner strength and will to breakthrough the problems she is having and find success.