Aug 29, 2013

Will anyone improve a dangerous downtown intersection?

When is something going to be done about the Columbus Avenue and East Market Street intersection in downtown Sandusky? Are people even aware of the immenent danger lurking here? Jennifer in Sandusky

Jennifer further alluded to seeing several cars running through the four-way stop as if it doesn't exist, posing a significant safety hazard. Many people — including children, bicyclists and people with babies — frequently cross through the intersection.

She suggested installing stop signs in this area.

We relayed the concern to several Sandusky and Erie County officials about this issue with only one person responding:

"This is something that has been considered for several weeks," said Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein, who referenced stop signs possibly being placed in this area. "We are still having discussions internally."

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Stop It

LMAO...Bowel movements start internally.


sitting in Cabana Jacks one day and watched a cop pull off to side sit there and watched 4 to 6 cars (kinda lost count) just blow right though there and never even moved his car maybe some tickets from SPD for not stopping would have an impact on people stopping. just thought


by the way this happened more than once

sandtown born a...

Call it a park and say its neglected and the kids need it maybe then it will be taken care of before someone is seriously injured. I think if the city/ road dept are aware of a issue and choose to ignore it or drag their feet doing something about it and somebody gets hurt in that intersection could they be liable in a civil suit???

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The Hero Zone

Being right by this intersection I can attest it does see a fair share of pass-throughs. Can I add an addendum to signage? Many people stop at Washington Row waiting for the Washington Street light thinking the trigger for it is there. They also don't see the paint indicating the left turn lane is left turn only and continue straight on Columbus while in that slot.


I'm so sick and tired of people blaming intersections for accidents caused by INCOMPETENT DRIVERS. The signals at that intersection comply with the standards set by the state, so everyone, upon getting a license, accepts responsibility for being able to observe, interpret, and obey them. When are we going to stop dumbing down every aspect of American life and start expecting people to use their heads for something beyond a place to hang trendy piercings?


Flashing red lights, 4-way stop signs hanging next to the flashing red lights, the words 4-way on the flashing red lights.... do you see the common thread here.... I'll point it out one more time... "Flashing red lights"!

Don S

When I used to "buzz" the Ave, there was a stop light at this intersection. What bonehead had it removed ?? It's a major intersection in downtown !!!! The least, there should be a flashing red light for all directions there.


Ummm, Don, there is a red flashing light in all directions.


Now THAT'S funny!


dangerous intersection, in the middle of down town, Drive Campbell to Bogart at 3pm you will see a huge danger.


Which, again, is a perfectly functional intersection for COMPETENT DRIVERS.