Aug 28, 2013

Is there any update on the Ebenezer Church dispute?

Whatever happeend to the Ebenezer Baptist Church lawsuit? Larry on Bogart Road.

A visiting judge recently dismissed two separate lawsuits — one filed by former church members and another from pastor Clayton Howard — effectively ending the highly publicized dispute.

The lawsuits revolved around a disagreement about Howard's leadership and a $1.25 million loan the church took out to complete an addition and expansion.

The legal war landed in Erie County Common Pleas Court, when Howard sued the parishioners in an attempt to have them banned from the Pierce Street property when they raised concerns about the expansion. But four vocal critics — dubbed the "4" — fought back, filing their own lawsuit against Howard.

Both cases went to trial in May before visiting Judge Dale Crawford, who heard testimony on allegations the four had trespassed onto the church and interfered with the loan process.

With the dismissal, Howard remains the church's pastor and the four will continue to host services elsewhere as they have been since they've been kicked out more than a year ago.

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sandtown born a...

Organized religion at its finest moment.


I still say that the mix of Church and State should never happen and that all problems that come up should be handled through the church and the churches members .And with The judge dismissing both complaints just inforces my way of thinking .