Aug 27, 2013

What's going on with the old Teddy Wears building?

What's going in the old Teddy Wears building that was formerly a restaurant? I've been seeing people working on it. Robin in Sandusky

Perkins Township chief building official John Curtis provided the following response about the property:

"The former owner moved out and left a huge mess in the rear of the building. The new tenants are in the process of cleaning up the building property. The new tenant is ABTC LLC. They have applied for approvals to remodel the structure and open a lingerie store at 6402 Milan Road."

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sandtown born a...

Fantastic finishes message parlor??? That's the rumor anyways


So if I am a new business owner, I can pose a fake question to the Mail Bag and get free advertising? Awesome.

sandtown born a...

It appears that way doesn't it

Just Sayin IMHO

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gonna have to remember that!


IDK about the BULDING. But what's up with the BUILDING?

There you go again

And it is misspelled in the TITLE!?!? Wow.....