Aug 26, 2013

When is the sales tax rate increasing?

I know that there is at least one sales tax increase coming. Do you know when that will be? Jill in Huron

Here's a quick breakdown of what the sales tax rate is today, and what it will be in the near future for some Ohioans and all Erie County residents:

• Today: 6.5 percent, with 5.5 percent going to state and 1 percent going to Erie County.

• Sept. 1: 6.75 percent, with 5.75 percent going to state and 1 percent going to Erie County.

• Oct. 1: 7.25 percent, with 5.75 percent going to state and 1.5 percent going to Erie County.

• Oct. 1, 2014: 6.75 percent, with 5.75 percent going to state and 1 percent going to Erie County.

Erie County commissioners recently approved temporarily raising the sales tax 0.5 percent for one year to pay for various infrastructure upgrades. The increase won't go toward paying for salaries or raises.

The county expects to generate an extra $7 million to fix the courthouse, care facility, sheriff's office and various other buildings.

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Julie R.

Wonder exactly how much of the generated $7 million will go to fixing up the courthouse in comparison to fixing up the care facility.

I say give the courthouse's share to the care facility and call it restitution for Erie County's total lack of respect for the elderly.


In Lorain County they are putting the sales tax increase to a vote, why not in Erie County, why hasn't the Register asked the county commissioners this question?

The Big Dog's back

Thanks Repubs.

The Big Dog's back

Tax the poor, coddle the rich, that's Repubs for ya.


You do realize that all three county commissioners are democrats.

The Big Dog's back

State tax sammie.


Keep on your narrow track doggie, this article is about the county sales tax, but since you brought it up how about the largest tax increase in history thanks to Obama and failure to keep the Bush tax cuts. By the way the state income rates has been reduced 10% over the next three years, thanks to the Republicans which benefits the working class.


We have paid less federal tax the past few years thanks to things like the tax credit for having a kid in college.

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The Ohio Department of Taxation has published information regarding the state sales and use tax rate change. Effective September 1, 2013, Ohio will have a state rate of 5.75% (up from 5.5%).

The rate increase was approved by Governor John Kasich (R) late last month.


Ohio is currently ranked 26th out of 50 states with regard to sales tax. Believe it or not, some states have zero state sales taxes.

Rationally Speaking

Congress passed the Affordable care act. How do we pay for that, raise taxes. Two congressmen want to raise taxes on sportsmen by raising the tax on ammunition to 50%. Have you ever figured out how much tax you really pay? Everything you buy has some sort of tax on it, including all the imported items.

Quit blaming one party. Everyone gets involved. Don't be so narrow minded. Why don't you run for congress and stop all this taxation???

Good 2 B Me

Is Jim Gunner Running the Tax Department now too?

Disclaimer: This is Sarcasm, I am well aware the Jim Gunner is not doing anything for Perkins or the County!


Call it a Value Added Tax.

The Big Dog's back

Repubs want to do away with the income tax and replace it with higher sales taxes.


With exemptions for necessities like food. In other words, the only people who'd pay the sales tax? Whoever can afford to buy more than necessities. The more non-essentials you buy, the more taxes you'll pay. So the richer you are, conceivably the more you'll end up being taxed. Isn't that what y'all wanted all along???


You agonized to mangle that into twisted logic.

The rich can afford it, you can't.

2cents's picture

Are the SNAP cards taxed?


No twisted logic at all. The rich CAN afford it. Some of us CAN'T. So those of us who can't afford big screen TVs, new cars, boats, or leather sofas DON'T HAVE TO PAY THE TAX. Duh. How twisted are YOU that the obvious escapes you?


The twisted point (actually smart-ass point) you made was :'Gee, aren't you happy now? the rich are getting taxed.'

I doubt that the State could operate without income tax.


You mean less tax on our earnings and increase on taxes on items we have a choice in purchasing, how un-American, choice in tax. Great when doggie confuses the facts and still is wrong.


My Cousin lives in Washington State and pays no income tax, then he goes to Oregon with no sales tax to purhcase items (close by)..sweet...


GET rid of PROPERTY tax, so Humans can LIVE.....
Other counties can do it, so can Erie.


They just want to cram it down our throats!


The state and county raised sales tax without public vote. The Perkins school district maneuvered funds without public vote.

This should scare you in regards to the future.

2cents's picture

They will not see 7 million! I have friends that live in Cuyahoga County that shop here for many items, there tax is 7.75% I believe. Now why drive and waste fuel to save the .25% You will see a number of lost sales at our local stores for that reason. Unemployment going up??