Aug 23, 2013

How much does it cost to light up Perkins' football stadium?

Does anyone know what the cost is to turn on and run the Perkins stadium lights? If it's really expensive, maybe some money could be saved by using every other light or have day games on Saturdays. And why are the lights somtimes left on overnight during some nights? Pete on Campbell Street

Perkins School treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the following answer:

This question probably arises due to the stadium field lights being on last week. On Wednesday evening, (Aug. 14) the stadium field lights were turned on for two purposes:

1. The district needs to have a few hours burn on the lights prior to the start of (the) season due to an extended period of inactivity since last November.

2. Also on Wednesday, the stadium cleanup and bleacher power washer ran until 12:30 a.m. The district used volunteers to clean the stadium. The late hour was due to volunteers having day jobs, and we did it in the evening to utilize volunteers, saving the district considerable (amounts of) money and ran the required four-hour burn prior to the season.

All other lights are on timers and run for security purposes (such as for) parking lot lights. We do have the spotlight shining on the U.S. flag, which stays on the entire night.

Our lighting charges at the stadium average $314.85 per month.

As for having games during the day on Saturday, the schedule is designated by the Ohio High School Athletic Association after input from all the schools in the Sandusky Bay Conference and the availability of officials and referees.

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You must be proud of that slogan! I bet it took awhile to put that one together!


So, Kobayashi, is it your intent to equate football and classroom teaching in the scheme of school priorities?


maru, kids need hot lunches, lighted building ,copied papers for education, remember we are supposedly addressing this emergency needed levy [not]In a desperate need of funds, day games at the stadium could at least save $3,000.What could $3,000 do ? more than we think, its about enough is enough, make cuts where possible, that is if we are really, really taking this seriously. Accountability,not more money ,more ,more, more. I get what your saying, and the kids will have what they really need.

Kobayashi Maru

I agree that kids need those things, hence my sarcasm. It seems silly to ask about the lights at the stadium. The football team sells plenty in tickets to cover the expenses associated with the lights. The anti-levy group needs to focus on the major issues - staffing cuts that were not made, programs not cut, etc. The lies Mr. Gunner told need to be addressed and he needs to go back to Oregon.




So, moving a pigskin up and down a field is now just as important as learning to read?


Maru, your right , thanks.

God Of Thunder

How about if the athletic director's salary wasn't over 100 grand. That seems pretty outrageous to me. That much money to schedule games and be a PR person at the games??? Come on, that's crazy. I'm sure he does a 'little' more than that, but talk about being overpaid